Na Hnaa Tong Gold Leaf Forehead Blessing

The Na Hnaa Tong (Pralaks Hnaa Tong Lakshman Golden Faced Maha Sanaeh Spell), and Sariga Lin Tong, is one of Thai Buddha Magic’s most famous Ceremonial Blessings, and is seen practiced by Monks and Lersi as well as “White Ajarns” around South east Asia.

Na Hnaa Tong Golden Forehead Blessing
Na Hnaa Tong Golden Forehead Blessing of the Lakshman Deity (Pralaks Hnaa Tong)

The Blessing is a Ceremony most favored by Malaysian and Singaporeans too, who are known to invite Thai Masters to their countries to perform these blessings on those who have no time to go to Thailand to recieve the Maha Sanaeh Metta Mahaniyom Blessing.

This Blessings is renowned to Improve Success in the Profession and Social Life, and is a Mercy Charm that is Second to None in its reputed magical value and power to invoke mercy in the hearts of those who approach.
In truth, the Na Hnaa Tong Blessing is derived from vedic Brahman Hindu Belief system, and represents the Invocation of Pra Laks Hnaa Tong, the God Lakshman, who was the brother of Pra Ram (Rama) who is famously known of through the Ramayana (Thai = ‘Ramakien’) Epic Myth, from the Hermit Lersi Valmiki.

You can enjoy a full length visual documentation below in the video, featuring Luang Pi Pant of Wat Ko Poon Temple in Ang Tong Porvince, just close to Singh Buri Town in North-Central Thailand. Luang Pi Pant is a Sak Yant Master Monk of the Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wat Bang Pra Lineage Transmission, and is indeed the true Lineage Transmission receiver of the Wicha Sak Yant from Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno himself.