Thai Gilen Himapant Animal

The Gilen (Qílín), is a Mythical Himapant Animal something like a Korean Lion Dog. It is a Legendary Beast, which has become an integral part of the Pantheon of Personified and Animistic Deities, and legendary Mythical Beings, of Thai Religious and Cultural Belief.Как сделать работу совета директоров более эффекти…

In Thailand, the Qílín is known as ‘Gilen’ (Thai; กิเลน), and is a member of the Pantheon of Thai Himapant Forest Mythical Animals. It is most probable that the Gilen was introduced into the Pantheon under the Influence of the Tai Yai People, who came down from China’s South to settle in Siam in Ancient Times, and the Legend was probably incorporated into the Himapant Legends of Siam in this

Gilen Thai HImapant Lion

The Gilen is a mixture of various animals, whhich come from differing elemental environments, representing Elemental Magickal Forces Present within each Personified Creature. Many of the Himapant Animals actually represent Gods and Devas of the Celestial Realms, and Bodhisattvas, who manifest as personifications which represent the true nature of each creature Deity through the symbolism of the various body parts amalgamated into the design of the Mythical creature.