What are Vanora?

Both in Thai Mythology such as the Thai Ramakien, and in Sak Yant Tattoos, we often hear the word ‘Waanorn’ which is taken from the Pali Sanskrit word ‘Vānora’. The word itself means simply ‘Primate’ or ‘Ape’. Hence, the Vanora Soldiers in the Ramayana and Thai Ramakien adaptation, and their  depictions seen in Sak Yant (i.e. Yant Ling Lom), merely refer to the fact that the image is of a Simian or Primate being.veroxybd.comhttp://ceoec.ru/

There are a great number of monkey soldiers featured in the Thai Ramakien Epic story, which are referred to as Wanorn. Wanorn (วานร), is merely the Thai Pronunciation of the Pali word ‘Vānora’.

So when you read about the Vanora, usually it will refer to the Monkey soldiers of Hanuman’s Army in the Thai Ramakien story, and is commonly used to refer to those denizens who do not have a major role or any form of protagonism, and are not named by their specific names, such as is the case with Hanuman (หนุมาน), Pali (พาลี), Sukreep/Sughriva (สุครีพ), Chompoopan/Jambavan (ชมพูพาน), and Ongkot (องคต) for example.