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Buddha Magic Issue 2

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Buddha Magic Issue 2; Issue Two contains a total of 106 pages of fascinating and in depth written of articles, due to extra research costs and time involved. This is thus a special Bumper Issue of Buddha Magic. All E-publications on Thailand-Amulets.net now serve you a private secure encoded download link to your ebooks immediately after completing payment with no waiting. Simply click on sign in' or 'my account' if you are already signed in, and go to the files section to download.

The second issue in the series contains 106 Pages, containing new articles and also continuing the multi-part stories which began with issue 1. Below you can enjoy a few screenshots of the interior of the Ebook, and peruse the list of contents to see which topics are covered.

Candle Yantra Buddha Magic 2

Contents Issue 2 Buddha Magic – November 2010

  • 1. Sacred Yant in Candle Magic; Yant Sai Tian - the use of Sacred Geometry in Thai Occult traditions. Part One of a two part Manuscript which starts with the history and design and in the second part, will cover the aspect of how to empower and activate the magic of an amulet using Kammathana methods and Jhana meditations using the Pra Piti Haa method of Wat Plab temple. Wat Plab was the place where most of the famous Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks we know to this day have passed through in order to learn the Wicha of how to empower amulets by mastering the Pra Piti Haa in the Hong Kammathan.

  • 2. Pra Sivali – The importance of the Great Arahant of wealth and Metta Mahaniyoms role in the development of the Buddha Sasana, and whose magic power to transform poverty into wealth has made him almost a Deity for those who seek great fortune and wealthiness.

  • Prataat Sivali – Sacred Buddha relics of the Arahant Pra Sivali. The Pratat Sivali are Elementsl Substances which are found in caves, whereas the 'Saririkatat' mean the actual bodily remains relics, and are distinct. This article deals with the Pratat Sivali elemental substance
  • Pra Somdej, King of Amulets - Chapter Two of the Pra Somdej Mega Series on the six Eras of Somdej amulet Making, and their Makers. Both before and after the Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Era is discussed.

Pra Kru Wat Tap Khaw

  • LP Dto Prohmrangsri - Part 2 of the ongoing series which is published in each issue, along with the Pra Somdej amulet articles, which are related and intertwined, but published as separate ongoing series. These hope to become the longest and most detailed synopsis and literary evidence of the Dtamnan Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Amulets, its Maker, Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri, and the methods and related amulets and their makers which are connected to the Dtamnan.

sdt chapter of Buddha Magic 2

  • Phii Thai - Thai Ghosts; There are various kinds of Thai Ghosts, which are given a lighthearted introduction to in this article, including the Mae Nang Dtaniiu Banana tree lady ghost, the Graser Headless Ghost, and other phantoms.

Thai Ghosts

  • Pra Mae Torani Dharani Tales (Mother Earth) - The legend of Pra Mae Torani and her role in Thai Buddhist worship. This chapter is a long chapter and goes into great depth, to give an unprecedented insight into the role of Pra Mae Torani Earth Goddess in the Thai Buddhist Belief System.

Mae Torani Dharani Earth Goddes story in Buddha Magic 2 EBook

  • Luang Por Dte Kong Tong - Master Gumarn Tong maker and previous Abbot of Wat Sam Ngam in Nakorn Pathom. Wat Sam Ngam continues to receive much recognition from devotees around the World for the Gumarn Tong which LP Dte's heir, abbot Luang Phu Yaem, is making and preserving the Wicha and tradition with.

  • Tudong 13 - the thirteen practices applied in Thai Forest Tradition Tudong asceticism. The Todung Practice (Dhutanka) is an extreme practice which forest tradition monks practice to gain rapid advancement and insight into the true Nature of All hings, and destroy defilement. This chapter delves into the various aspects of Tudong Practice.

  • Tudong Tales - tales from various Master Monks as they were on Tudong - stories of Miracles or Enlightenment. This is first of a series of Tudong Tales, which will be appearing regularly in Buddha Magic, and will be recounting tales of Tudong Masters or renowned Monks from various Eras of Thai History.

  • See Hoo Haa Dtaa – four eared five eyed animist Deity from Lanna Legends. This animist wealth bringer is one of the Lanna legends which makes Thai Culture so rich and intricately intertwined with various forms of Mysticism, so deeply influenced by the Brahman

Taep see hoo haa ta

  • Pra Putta Roop Paed Samai – Eight Eras of Thai Buddhist Art and Sculpture. The eight Eras have already been explained in the first Issue of Buddha Magic E-Zine, and now each Issue will present a few sculptures of various Eras , which can be considered the most well known, rare, ancient or popular Buddha statues in Thailand, and worthy of both visiting for Cultural appreciation as well as for paying reverence to as memorial of the Buddha. This Issue presents the following scluptures; Pra Putta Roop Hyok – the Onyx Buddha.

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