1st Edition Kumarn Tong with Bone Piece & Silver Yantra Spell in Nam Man Prai Khiaw Jaijakhad Green Prai Oil Pra Ajarn Oe

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The Kumarn Tong Run Raek Yuk Dtom Chae Nam Man Prai Khiaw Jaijakhad First edition amulet from Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa is a legendary early-era hardcore item from this Master.

The Kumarn Tong is both extremely rare to find these days, as well as legendary for the powerful results this edition brought, which spurred many further editions due to its success.

This early era Kumarn Tong is spellbound with a Phaen Yant Ngern solid silver Yantra spell, and a piece of blackened Chin Aathan Necromantic Prai Kumarn Substance, which are all immersed and consecrated in Nam Man Prai Khiaw Jaijakhad green Prai Oil. Pra Ajarn Oe's Wicha Maha Sanaeh for making See Pheung Jaijakhad and Nam Man Prai Jaijakhad is World Famous for its Maha Sanaeh properties.

1st Edition Kumarn Tong  in Green Prai Oil Pra Ajarn Oe

The Wicha Jaijakhad is one of the many Wicha which made Pra Ajarn Oe so popular for mercy charms and Maha Sanaeh amulets in his early era, and remains one of his most popular Wicha.

Before you enter the house with the Kumarn for the first time, light 36 incense sticks outside and pray to Mae Toranee (Mother Earth), Jao Tee and Jao Tang (the various local Deities, Devas and spirits), and other sacred presences in the household and family environment.

The rear face of the Kumarn Tong has a piece of Chin Aathan Necromantic Substance attached

Let your mind send a communication to the Kuman and let him know that you are inviting him to come and stay with you. Now you should also give a name to the Kuman Tong, one which you can easily remember at best.

The rear face of the Kumarn Tong has a piece of Chin Aathan Necromantic Substance attached. The Kumarn is forged from an alchemical admixture of sorcerous metal artifacts and necromantic substances, and immersed in green prai oil.

Kata for giving the Name to the Kumarn Tong

(chant when giving him his name).

Naamaanang Samaa So Yudt Dta Tho Yudt Dta Tha

In the Name of the Kroo Ba Ajarn – I Name You...." (Name which you wish to give your Kuman Tong.

Say this 3 times, and the next day chant only once. You must always remember his name and must introduce him to all people in the house, and ask him to also protect and lend prosperity to them all.

Kata Riak Kuman (Kata to call the Kuman Tong)

Chant to the Triple Gem first; ‘

Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa

(3 times), then Chant the following Kata One time;

Gumaaro Waa Gumaaree Waa Aehi Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Na Chaa Lee Dti Na Ma Pa Ta Aakajchaeuya Aakajchaahi Maani Maa Maa

Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa is a Major Influence in Leading Position in the new movement of Thai Occult Amulet makers, with a vast array of original and powerful amulets made with Ancient Traditional Wicha, and presented in a very personal and original fashion. He has fast become an Internationally Preferred Ordained Master for Thai Occult Charms.

His amulets are always changing and released in small Numbers, making each edition a Rarity and a Sacred Object which can only increase in Value both Spiritually and Materially. Pra Ajarn Oe, whilst still ascending and in his Prime of Trajectory, has now attained a highly respected status for his amulets, and proved himself to be an adept of more Master Wicha than many Ajarns can Master in a whole lifetime.

With still a long Future ahead of him, and considering the very small numbers made of his original method amulets, we can expect his Trajectory to become one of those which become legendary, and that his amulets will be both revered and treasured for many Future Generations to come.

Their rarity has increased steadily and rapidly, as each edition has been released, and all editions have been sequentially snatched up by his many Looksit, and disappear from the Marketplace. His amulets are always made in very small quantities, remaining faithful to ancient Magical traditional substances and empowerment methods.

Make offerings of flowers, incense, rice whisky or fruits, savories and sweets, and some trinkets (toys or miniature clothing if you like), and use the following Kata for various purposes;

Heart Mantras of Nippanasut

Sa A Ni So (call to come to you)

So Sa A Ni (awaken and empower to send on missions)

Ni So Sa A (use to ward away spirits and ghosts)

A Ni So Sa (use to make the Kuman stay in one place).

Kata for all Pra Ajarn Oe Amulets

Kata for Metta and Maha Sanaeh (Love, Attraction and Preferential treatment)

Various Kata for Kumarn Tong

How to Worship Kumarn Tong

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