Ajarn Dao Sin Guru (Borneo Sorceror)

Ajarn Dao Sin of Tian Hlin Temple, is a Master who learned Wicha Saiyasart (Sorcery) through the Northern Borneo Shaman Lineages. He spent a whole two decades to Master the various Wicha of the Borneo Shamans, including the Wicha of calliing Ghosts and Spirits, Convincing Evil Spirits to transform into Benevolent Spirits, and the Empowerment of Amulets and Inanimate Objects with the Power of Incantations.

He is a Master of the Necromantic Barang Wicha of Great fame in Borneo and the Malay, Indonesian and even Thai Countries and Archipelagos. he has a Massive Following and his Amulets are far and few between to come across, therefore highly treasured by his Devotees. Their Power is that of the Ancient Sorcery, Undiluted in Potency. The Pigsy Locket uses a form of Ba Cha Dta (Yintong/In Koo) type Sorcery.