Bia Gae Aathan Maha Rangap - Anti Black Magic, Curses, Ghost Posession, Poisoning and Sickness amulet - Kroo Ba Dech Gidtiyano - Samnak Songk Pha Cha Ban Ratanakosin

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This now rare first edition Bia Gae Rangap Aathan by Kroo Ba Dech was released in 2550 BE, and quicly became extremely popular, with news of its power reaching far to other shores, such as Singapore and Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Kroo ba Dech was sitting meditationg in a remote mountain cave of Lampang Province, when he had a Nimitta Vision of the Ruling devas inhabiting the cave. They told him to take sacred substances from the cave, to use to help living beings with (make amulets). Then, Kroo ba Dech lit some incense and made his prayer of reverence. he then sought out the 'treasure' within the cave. Within a short time, he found a bronze countainer, which, when opened, was found to contain Buddha relics abnd some 'Parort Aathan' (magical mercury metal). The Parort Aathan was formed into a large round ball and held solid with a Magical Inscription on its outer surface (Parort is magical because it is a metal which should liquify, but the Magical spell makes it stay solid).

In addition, a 'Bai Lan' (ancient parchment) magic Grimoire was found with a comlplete Wicha of Kata Akom (Magical Incantations and spells). Kroo Ba Dech studied them well, and found them to be Sacred Sorcery for the prevention of Black magic attacks, and removal of Dark magic Spells, and some Wicha were intended for Metta maha Sanaeh, and Protection from Physical harm.

Kroo Ba Dech took the Parort and the Buddha relics and placed them in his Prayer Water Bowl and empowered the prayer water with them. it turned out after some time, that the prayer water was healing illnesses, removing black magic spells and also preventing them.

When Kroo Ba Dech saw the powerful effect of the Magical relics and substances found in the cave, he took a portion of them and used to powder and make Wua Tanu guardian effigies to protect against Black magic. The devotees had so much success and the amulet became a famous edition for the tales of powerful effects. So then Kroo Ba Dech took some of the remaining powders and relics to make these Bia Gae shell amulets, stuffiing the sacred relics inside each of the Bia Gae

The Muan sarn used to fill the Bia Gae was made from; Rae Lek Lai, Rae Parort, Rae Prataat (Buddha relics), Rae Samrit, Rae Saket Daw (Meteorite), Pong Wan ya Gae Aathan Dtamra Thai Yai (anti black magic herbs - recipe from the Thai Yai tribe), Pong Maha Sakot, Pong Sayob Marn, Pong Hua Jai Wua Tanu Fai, Pong Hua Jai Kwai Tanu, Pong Taep Aawut Taw Jadtu Lokaban Tang See (the four Asura Kinds of Jadtumaharachiga Realm), Pong Hua Jai Totsagan, Pong Hua Jai Waes Suwan, Pong Yant Grao Paetch (Diamond Armor Yantra powders), Pong Yant Kampaeng Kaew Jet Chan (seven tiered crystal wall of Buddhas Yantra powder), Pong Yant Maha baramee Sam Sip Tidt (30 directional Yantra of Immense Merit powders), and Pong Hua Wan Paya Wan (the finest cuts of the finest magical herbs collected as a five star mixture). These were then left to await the 5th Month for empowerment, when they were mixed into one Muan Sarn powder, to fill the Bia Gae with. Once the Bia Gae shells (a kind of sea shell) were stuffed full of the relics and powders, they were empowered once more with a mass of Incantations;

Kata Ongarn Hua Jai Yakhee, Kata Taep Aawut Taw Jadtu Lokaban Tang See, Kata Hua Jai Waes Suwan, Kata Hua Jai Wua Tanu Fai, Kata Hua Jai Kwai tanu, Montr Maha Rangap, Kata Hua Jai Jone, Kata Maha Bpraab, Kata Maha Sakot, Kata Sayob Marn, Kata Grao paetch, Kata Gampaeng Gaew, Kata baramee 30 Tidt.

Kroo Ba Dech performed 108 Incantations of each Kata Individually, which completed te empowerment. The Bia Gae Maha Rangap can be used for scaring ghosts and demons away, who will fear to approach the Bia Gae. To subdue evil, protect from Black Magic, demonic or ghostly possession, Ya Buea (a spell of powder in your food to make you lose you lustre.. apathy sets in and you die), Ya Sang (same as Ya Buea with different specific effects), and other spirtual states of abnormal behavior you may observe, which may come from Black magic.

The Bia Gae maha Rangap also possesses Kong Grapan power to protect agains elephant tusks (sharp objects), and poisonous animals and creatures, protects against Virus.

You can use the sacred powder face of the Bia Gae to extract poison from a wound, or to stroke around the edge of a wound to prevent infections. The Bia Gae can be immersed in prayer water bowl to make holy water, which you can wipe on your face, drink, to cure your ailments. It bears the brint of your misfortunes and removes the most of the bad luck which Karma brings us from time to time.

Kata Pluk Sek Bua Gae Maha Rangap

Om Ayang Yagkho Na Mudt Ja Dti Om Ayang Yagkho Nandta Dtang Sawhaaya Om Ayang Yagkho Wisae Haemi Isugang Waradtang Mae Dtae Dti Ja U Sa Ja Hi Dtang Lo Gae Dtang Wisae Haemi Bpiyang Ma Ma Idti bpiso Wisae Sae I Isae sae Putta Naa Mae I Imae Naa Puttadtang So I Iso Dtang Putta Bpi Dti I

Chant 3, or 7 Times. Use the incantation before immersing to make Holy water to protect with, or to chant and blow on the amulet before carrying with you on your person - chant before wearing it, blowing on the Bia Gae when you finish the chanting, or even during the chanting if you are experienced and know of the Prana breath transmission method.

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