Bia Gae Sam Huang Nuea Ngern Long Ya Rachawadee Solid Silver 3 Ring Frame Luang Phu Juea Wat Klang Bang Gaew

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Bia Gae Luang Phu Juea, in Solid Silver triple hoop Pendant casing with Ya Rachawadee colored enamels, from the deceased and highly revered third abbot in the lineage of LP Bun of Wat Klang Bang Gaew; LP Juea Bpiyasilo. The Bia Gae is Full of 'Puttakun, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan, Gan Kun Sai' Magic; Luck and Metta, Protection from harm, black magic and evasion of inauspicious circumstances. The Bia Gae amulet's full name is really 'Bia Gae Jon' meaning 'shell for rectifying/curing poverty'.The Bia Gae shell has been constructed using Parot Bparort - a kind of mercury sacred element), and the proper kind of 'Bia' shell needed to be powerful (32 teeth), and posses the Bia Gae spell.

The amulet is then inserted and encased with a filigrain engraived solid silber casing, which has been fashioned with three separate hoops to attach to a neck chain as a central hub, above the main central amulet. The central amulet (for example, a Pra Somdej) will hang under the Bia Gae in the center, and the two upper hoops will then be attached to each end of a neck chain, with the Bia Gae as the central connecting element, and a very aesthetic and attractive design feature for any neck chain with multiple amulets.

Bia Gae Cowrie Shell Amulet

The Bia Gae has been a popular folk amulet for hundreds of years, and is an ancient Wicha for with Luang Phu Juea, has continued the honor of his predecessor and mentor, Luang Phu Bun, and maintained the fame of Wat Klang Bang Kaew temple as being the number one maker of powerful Bia Gae amulets.

Luang Phu Juea was a Master Gaeji Ajarn of the Nakorn Pathom Province, and is the Deceased predecessor of the current Abbot of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, which is a Legendary Lineage which began from Luang Phu Bun, through Luang Por Perm, and onwards through Luang Phu Juea Bpiyasilo,

Above; Bia Gae are empowered by Luang Phu Juea, with the insertion of Mercury, and later covering with metal casing. Luang Phu Juea would then insert the ‘Prot’ (Mercury) into the Bia whilst performing Incantations. A few Able Apprentice Looksit would sometimes help with this task of covering and filling so many Bia.

The Wicha then was passed on to then pass on after Luang Phu's passing, to Luang Por Kong (Sanya), who is not the current Abbot, but who is the current Wicha holder (and expected to become next abbot).

He was the third Abbot in the L Many of LP Juea's, and his predecessing Kroo Ba Ajarn, LP Bun's amulets are made from the famous Ya Wasana Jinda Manee. The Maha Montr Jinda Manee is known as one of the great and secret wicha and Mantras for attracting riches, improving business, chance of promotion and ascension in the professional and social sectors of life, as well as being able to be applied for protective purposes. uang Phu Bun Magical Mastery Transmission Lineage of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, following Luang Phu Bun, and Luang Por Perm. Many of LP Juea's, and his predecessing Kroo Ba Ajarn, LP Bun's amulets are made from the famous Ya Wasana Jinda Manee.

The Maha Montr Jinda Manee is known as one of the great and secret wicha and Mantras for attracting riches, improving business, chance of promotion and ascension in the professional and social sectors of life, as well as being able to be applied for protective purposes. Luang Phu Juea continued the famous and legendary tradition of making Luang Phu Bun's Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Muan Sarn. This Muan Sarn is one of the rarest and most powerful sacred powders in Thai Buddha Magic, and its powerful Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh properties, as well as its amazing power to heal illnesses or keep disease at bay is common knowledge in Thailand. One of the famous aspects which have made both Wat Klang Bang Gaew, and the Four Great Masters so highly regarded for their amulets, is the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders used in amulets from this Master Lineage, which include the Ya Wasana Jinda Manee, and 'Khamin Sek' Blessed Sacred Cumin powders. The temple of Wat Klang Bang Gaew is hence one of Thailands most Long Standing Temples of Fame for its long unbroken succession of Master-Monks who have presided well over the temple, and, all of whom have become Great Master Sorcerors in Wicha Saiyasart, producing amulets that are equally high powered, and which have grown to become Classics in every edition, from every single Master Monk of this Lineage Transmission.

Cowry Shelll Bia Gae Thai Amulet

Luang Phu Juea's Bia Gae have now attained such fame and popularity that they no longer stand in the shadow of those made by Luang Phu Bun, his Mentor, with the only true difference between the two generations of Masters being that Luang Phu Buns amulets are ol;der and more highly valued in the collector market, which in no way says anmything at all about the miracle power or sacred value of the amulets, rather is a simply worldly and aesthetic evaluation which is restricted to a very small scope controlled by a strict set of rules and conditions, which seek to register amulets of competition grade only.

Luang Phu Juea was direct apprentice in Buddha Magic and Wicha Saiyawaet to the great Luang Por Perm, as Lineage Mastery successor to this World famous lineage of Buddhist Master Sorceror Monks, which began with the great Luang Phu Bun, and continued passed on through Luang Por Perm, and then to Luang Phu Juea. This Wicha is now still continued with the current Abbot and successor to the now deceased Luang Phu Juea (R.I.P. 2552 BE), Luang Por Kong (Sanya).

Luang Phu Juea made very many different kinds of amulets during his trajectory, including the Bia Gae Cowry Shell Amulet, for which all 4 Masters of this Temple have been extremely famous for, and a large pantheon of Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms, famous for their Klaew Klaad Danger Evasion, Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm, Gae Aathan Anti Black Magic, and Raksa Roke Pai Khai Jeb Healing Properties. Luang Phu Juea's first official release edition of amulets (although he made many beforehand, directly distributing them by his own hand to his Looksit (Devotees), was the Rian Run Raek 2534 BE Guru Monk Coin.

Luang Phu Juea continued to make amulets of this Pantheon throughout his life, until sadly, and unexpectedly, he passed away on the 29th december 2552 BE. We his devotees, shall all miss his presence on earth, and look to his Great patipata, and his Amulets, as Buddhanussati and remembrance of his Merits, and to receive his Protective Blessings.

Bia Gae Amulet LP Juea

The rear face is embossed with the inscription of Yant Putsoorn (5 Dhyani Buddhas Yantra) with the Sacred Kkom (Kher) Agkhara Kata 'Na Mo Buddhaya'

Bia Gae by Luang Phu Juea are the present days most popular and believed to be the most powerful available (this is of course arguable, and a matter of opinion, but one must accept that when popular opinion outweighs one amulet over another to such an extreme level as is the case with LP Jueas Bia Gae, then there must be more of a reason for its success, than simple coincidence.

Bia Gae

How to Bucha Bia Gae Jon Luang Phu Juea Wat Klang Bang Gaew;

Each day when taking the Bia Gae, you must chant to the Triple Gem (Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times)

Then chant the Kata Bia Gae Luang Phu Juea as follows; Chant the following out Loud;

Iditbpiso Pakawaa Yaadtraayaamadee - Dai Yaam Pra Sri Sawatdee Laapo Na Mo Puttaaya

Then chant the following silently in your heart in continuation;

A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa Putta Sang Mi Iswaa Su

Bia Gae Amulet LP Juea

This amulet is unisex, and apart from inducing an increase in moneyflow, also protects against even the fiercest black magic, and supernatural forces, dark spirits and ghosts. Also provides protection from physical harm with strong Kong Grapan magic.

Luang Phu Juea

Luang Phu Juea Biyasilo is Abbot of Wat Klang Bang Gaew and the third of a lineage of Grand Master amulet makers, preceded by Luang Por Perm and Luang Phu Bun. His amazing Ya Wasana Jinda Manee sacred powder mixture, and the many classic powder amulets he makes with them have now attained as much fame as his powerful Bia Gae Jon amulets, and his special Takruts. His powder amulets remain faithful to ancient Thai Buddhist Art and reproduce the most classic and Eternal Buddhist amulets, such as theBia Gae, Jao Sua, Nang Paya. Pra Sadung Glab, carved ivory and wooden amulets, Takrut, and his famous Pong Ya Sek Khamin, and Pong Ya Wasana Jinda Manee amulets

Bia Gae Amulet LP Juea Wat Klang Bang Kaew

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