Bia Gae Sarapat Gan - Ud Suea (tiger amulet inserted) - protection from illness, physical and psychic attack with 8 magic spells - Luang Por Ap (Wat Tong Sai) 2553 BE

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The Bia Gae Saraat Gan was Empowered and released in 2553 BE, along with a line of other amulets including some Powerful Ruesi Images(also empowered by LP Ap), at Wat Chong Gling Chong Glod.

The Bia Gae was empowered with Wicha designed to protect the wearers from both physical and psychic attacks, ghosts, demons and evil spirits. It also protects from 'Ya Sang' which is a spell mixed into food to slowly kill or destroy a person. It protects agains love spells and curses which may be unkowingly cast upon someone.

If you are suffering illness due to karma, then take the Bia Gae and immerse it in a clean bowl of fresh pure water, and make holy water with it, then drink the water. You can also alternatively take the Bia Gae and rub it around where your aches and pains or wounds or affected area is.

Luang Phu Ap was kind to accept the request of Wat Khao Chong Gling Chong Glod in Kanjanaburi to help raise funds for building Monks Huts for living at the temple, and a 'Slaa Badibat Tam' (Dhamma practice hall). Luang Phu Ap came to perform the empowerments on 20th April 2553 BE along with his Nephew, the Abbot of Wat Chong Gling Chong Glod.

The empowerments were made during the casting ceremony for the Chinarat Buddha image to install within the Sala Badibat Tamm Luang Phu Ap (Dhamma Practice building built by, and named after LP Ap). Wat Chong Gling Chong Glod is a temple that is guarded by and attended over by many Ruesi Devas, and there is a Ruesi Cave used for important magical and blessing ceremonies. One tiger amulet is embedded in the rear face of the Bia Gae for power and Maha Ud, Kong Grapan Chadtri proptection. Tiger protects from Black Magic too.

Complete Kata Gamgab (Master Kata set for evoking all of the Sorcery spells within the Bia Gae).

Na Mo Puttaaya (Kata Pra Jao Ha Praonk)

Na Ma Pa Ta (earth air, fire water)

Na Ma Ma Na Na A A U U Na (helso to revolve and activate the four elements of the Gaew Manee Chote).

Ud Tang Ad To (Maha Ud gunstopper)

Tanang Pokang (Kata Pokasap)

Payak Ko Ja Gu Ru Su Gu Ma A U (Kata Paya Suea)

Paa Maa Naa Ugasanatu (Kata Bpraab Marn - demon subduer)

Asang Wisulo Busa Pupa (Kata Hua Jai Novahorakun safe travel in 8 directions)

Use each Kata in sequence, or chant each Kata repeatedly until entering a rythm

or make counts; 1, 3, 5 7 or 9 repeats for each Kata, or You can chant the whole set and repeat the set..

These above Kata are used to increas and increment the power of the amulet the longer you keep it. Continue to perform the Kata as way of increasing the power of the amulet.

When chanting the general kata Bucha to pray to it, use the following Kata

(Chant Maha Namasakara/Namo Tassa first 3 times)

How to Chant Namo Tassa and the triple refuge

Then Chant;

Idtibpiso Pakawaa Yaadtraa Yaam Dee Dai Yaam Pra Sri Sawaddee Laapo Namo Puttaaya

Methods of Use;

The Bia Gae is usually worn strapped to a cord around the waist, but can also be worn in the pocket, or on a pendant chain. At best, it shoold be fed onto a waist cord which can be slid around to wear on either side, rear or front, to be used for different purposes in the same way as the 'Takrut Maha Ruud', which also must be slid from one position to another around the waist to change its purpose in the same fashion as this Bia Gae.

If you have an Enemy or Opponent, or have to enter into war or battle in any fashion, and face your enemy, then wear the Bia Gae on your front side. if your Enemy is so strong that you must choose to flee instead of facing and fighting, then wear the Bia Gae on your back side. If you wish the Bia Gae to work as an Attraction Charm, then wear it on the right flank. To protect against deadly weapons, then wear it on the left flank.

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