Buang Nakabat Magic Naga Sling for Gambling, Business + Banishing Black Magick - 2 Sided Gold + Silver Plate - Luang Por Sangkh Tong

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BuangSpecial 2-Tone Gold-Silver plated Brazen Naga Ring silver one side golden the other sice.The Buang Nakabat, or, Buang Nakabat (also known as 'Ngu Kin Hang'), is known in the lanna Regions as 'Kin Bor Siang' which means to have endless sources of sustenance, and never run out of the things you need.

The Buang Nakabat of Luang Por Sangkh Tong is made from Nuea Samrit (alchemical bronze), 'Chup Ngern Tong' (Silver Gold plated). The amulet possesses all of the usual Magical aspects of the Naga King and the Nakabat weapon, but have been specially empowered for three major purposes;

Buang Nakabat Ngern Tong Naga Sling Luang Por Sangkh Tong

1. Siang Choke and Choke Lap (Lucky Happenings, Windfalls and Gambling Luck 2. Metta Mahaniyom Kaa Khaay (Improve Sales and attract customers,friends and entourage with Mercy Charm) 3. Gan Phuudt Phii Pisaj (Banish Bhuta ghosts, spirits of the dead, and Demons).

The Buang Nakabat is charged with spells to induce Lucky Fortunes, and to Increase Prosperity and treasured Possessions with Maha Pokasap magic, bring promotion and status, and banish any negative energies of curses which may be in effect.

The Buang Nak is portrayed as a coiled Naga Serpent enclosed tightly upon itself, in a ringed form, like an armband, and is representative of Maha Pokasap Wealth enclosing containment of riches, and Cornucopia type Prosperity.The 'Buang Nakabat' (Magic Naga Ring), is an image of a serpent or Naga coiled into a ring, or sometimes seen swallowing its tail. Much like the Oroubouros serpent of Hermetic Magick, the attributed meanings are manyfold. Buang Nakabat of the Lanna Folk is Maha Pokasap through 'Maha Ud Sap' enclosure, or containment of accumulated wealth and treasures.

It also insinuates impermeability, and hence Maha Ud Gunstopper and Kong Grapan Chadtri Invincibility against all forms of Penetrative Weaponry and Ammunition. The Buang Nakabat Nāga Sling can be found in the legends of Manorah, where the Pran Bun hunter asked Phu Sri Sutto Nakarach, the Naga King of Bodhala, to borrow his magic ring.

Luang Por Sangkh Tong

The Naga King was scared that the Pran Bun hunter would not return the ring, but he risked it and gave it to the Pran Bun, on the condition that he would return it. The Naga King also explained that it would fulfil all of his wishes and make whatever happen that he wished, however large or small the wish. The Pran Bun Hunter was thus able to catch more than his fill of game, and then used the Buang Nakabat as a sling and rope to capture the Manorah Kinaree Goddess, and returned the ring to the Naga King thereafter.

The Naga is a Very powerful Magical Entity and a Deity of the Thai Buddhist Pantheon. the Naga Kings are devotees of the Lord Buddha, and Protectors of the Dhamma. The Buang Nakabat is an ancient amulet used by the Lanna People, primarily as a Maha Pokasap 'Kin Mai Roo Sin' (eat drink, live and be merry without limits) type 'Krueang Rang' (Occult Talisman). The Buang Nakabat is imbued magically with Metta Mahaniyom Kaa Khaay Mercy Charm for Prosperity and Good Business.

Bucha Paya Nak

Na Dti Dtang Payaama Naakaaya Apinang Naakaa Saatuno Pandtae Ya Ma Ya Ma

Kata Anchern Paya Nak

(to Invite the Naga King to Come and be present)

Namaami Lila Saakhae Badt-Tha La Bpa Tammae Sa Ka Lab Dtii Sayae Dtaa Naaka Laa Chaena Yabpi Sadto

Kata for giving offerings to the Naga Deity

Aehi Sangkang Bpiyo Naaka Subannaanang Mayang

If you wish to pray to particular Deities of the Naga Variety, you can do so with the following Kata;

'Gaaya Waaja Jidt Dtang Ahang Wantaa' (then Use the Name of your Chosen Naga Deity here, e.g. ‘Waasugrii Naakaraach’, or 'Anandta Naakaraach’ - 'Naakiaatibodee Sri Sutto’ etc) – and continue with 'Wisutti Taewaa Buchaemi'

In the case of let us say, Phu Ruesi Naakaraach Deity, the Kata would go like this;

Gaaya Waaja Jidt Dtang Ahang Wantaa Phu Rasi Nakarach Wisutti Taewaa Buchaemi

Kata Bucha Paya Nak (Alternative Version)

Naaka Taewa Brii Dtaa Pawan Dtiha Kaandtimaa Bpanondti Waena Wiipii Samsaandti Loga Maa Saatya Motadtae Saasadticha Smaacha

Abbreviated Form

Kad Sa Ma U Ma (Chant 9 Times).


Always Chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times before Chanting to Buddhist Amulets.

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa

Then Chant;

Aehi Sangkang Bpiyo Naaka Subannaanang Mayang Gaaya Waaja Jidt-Dtang Ahang Wantaa Jao Phu Payaa Naakaatibodii Srii Sutto Naakaraach Wisutti Taewaa Bpuuchaemi Tudtiyambpi GaayaWaaja Jidt-Dtang Ahang Wantaa Jao Phu Payaa Naakaatibodii Srii Sutto Naakaraach Wisutti Taewaa Bpuuchaemi Dtadtiyambpi Gaaya Waaja Jidt-Dtang Ahang Wantaa Jao Phu Payaa Naakaatibodii Srii Sutto Naakaraach Wisutti Taewaa Bpuuchaemi Ayang Mahaa Naako Itti mandti Tudtimandto Imichaegaalaena Mahaa Naakang Bpuuchaemi (Chant 3 Times).

Buang Nakabat Ngern-Tong Luang Por Sangkh Tong

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