Bucha Por Tan Nam 2nd Edition 2555 BE - Wat Don Sala

After High Demand and Repeated Beseeching of the Devotees, the second edition of Sacred Images of Por Tan Nam, Khao Or Master and Abbot of Wat Don Sala has been released, along with a series of classic Southern Srivichai style Pra Kring and Pra Pid Ta amulets in leaden metal.

Images of Por Tan Nam in Coin, Loi Ongk Statuette and Bucha size statues, Pra Kring, and Pra Pid Ta amulets complete a most quietly announced but highly awaited Series of Classic Buddhist Amulets in the traditional Lineage of the Southern Khao Or Academy of Master Sorcerors.

Putta Pisek Blessing

The Putta Pisek Blessing Ceremony was held on the tenth of April in 2555 BE (2012). The Ceremony was held at Wat Khao Or, with Pra Ajarn Utai (Abbot of Wat Don Sala) lighting the Victory Candle, and Luang Por Iad of Wat Koke Yaem performing the extinguishing of the Candle. The second Ceremony was performed in the Sacred Cave at Wat Tham Khao Or on the 10th April 2555 BE, once more with a large array of Great Khao Or Masters to perform the Empowerments.

The Brahman Priest who performed the Initiation Ceremony and the Calling of the Devas; the Ceremony was performed by the Great Ajarn Prajuab of the Khao or Lay Sorcerors.