Chin Aathan Ban Neng Kumarn Tong Plai Maha Phuudt Ghost Bone Carving + Maha Phuudt 108 Dton Powders 3 Takrut Prai Oil - Ajarn Wirataep

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Made from the Chin Aathan (bone) of a Prai Maha Phuudt Ghost, which was found to possess a very high degree of Magical Power with its rear side filled with Muan Sarn Prai Bone powders of 108 different Prai Maha Phuudt, mixed with 'Look Krok' powders.

This Necromantic powder paste was then empowered with the further insertion of the Takrut Hua Jai Pra Apitam ('Sang Wi Taa Bu Ga Ya Ba' The Heart of the Abhidhamma), in Triple 'Sam Kasat' form (Takrut Pitsamorn), to empower the Necromantic Spell with even more Psychic Power from the Other Side.

The Abhidhamma is also the Kata which Buddhist Monks Chant in Funeral Ceremonies for the Ghosts of the Deceased and for the Reaming Living relations to hear the Dhamma.

This is an 'Ongk Kroo' Masterpiece large size piece with Triple Takrut and a large quantity of 'Hua Chuea Nam Man Prai Nang Plii' Oil Immersion. The Chin Aathan is from the most powerful part (frontal), noticeable by its thickness and curvature.

Ajarn Wirataep performed the full and correct Ancient methodical Ceremony and Invocations of the four elements and the Kata Akarn 32 to reanimate the Chin Aathan bone with the Mind of its Spirit Owner, namely a Kumarn Tong and the Nang Prai Plii Deva.

Size; 3.3 Cm High x 3 Cm Wide x 1.5 Cm thick (without Casing) - 4.5 x 3.5 Cm in Casing with Oil

The Prai Spirits within the Chin Aathan and the Muan Sarn Powders are able to bestow blessings, lucky windfalls, protect from dangers and black magic, and induce Maha Sanaeh power of attraction, they will do your bidding but must be rewarded by alms-giving to the Sangha and then sharing the Merits in your heart by praying in Buddhist Method.

The Chin Aathan is immersed in Nam Man Maha Sanaeh Nang Plii to increase Metta Maha Sanaeh power and Charge up the Psychic Abilities of the Kumarn Prai Maha Phuudt. The rear face of the amulet has a Takrut insert, and the casing is addiitonally empowered with hand made Khom Kata Spell Inscription.

This Ongk Kroo (Ban Neng) is of the rarest and most sought after type of Chin Aathan for its Superior Power, Reach and Ability to Speed up the arrival of the effects of Magic. Chin Aathan is known for its power to remove the obstacle of Bad Karma which is often the culprit stopping perfectly decent amulets from working well.

This not only allows the Chin Aathan to work properly, but also frees up your other amulets and allows their Magical Auras to Implement their effects without the presence of the energies which were obstructing them from working.

Apart from Ajarn Wirataep's Adept Empowerment methods, the Great Master of Wicha Kumarn Tong, Luang Por Dam of Wat Pra Puttabat has had the Metta to give is own extra personal empowerments and Invocations to this piece of Chin Aathan. Only a handful of pieces were made.

How to Dedicate and Share Merits with Others (Living or Dead)

The Special Kata for Bucha to is available as an MP3 soundfile Tutorial for pronunciation, and as a text file for phonetic reading after you have purchased the amulet. Simply log in to your account with us and go to the files tab to download MP3 sound Tutorials and text Phonetics for this Kata.

Ajarn Wirataep is the Looksit of Luang Phu Tao of Wat Khao Grating (Lopburi). Luang Phu was responsible for training him in the use of Magic for riches, as well as the powerful methods of empowerment, such as the Kata Dern Taat (make the elements flow) and be inserted into objects.

He learned how to master many Wicha with Luang Phu Tao, including the practice of 'Lob Pong' (writing sacred spells and wiping the chalk off the board by writing more spells on top - The powder chalk which remains is then used for amulets).

Before that, he already practiced and studied Saiyasart (Thai magic) with Luang Phu, who was a Master of Prai oils and Maha Sanaeh magic.From his practice in the forest he learned to speak with the 'Jao tee' (local Devas) and get them to help him to lessen the sufferings of his Looksit with powerful amulets and blessings.

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