Choo Chok Ha Kin - Jujaka Lucky Beggar Easy Pickings Wealth Amulet - Hand Carved Sacred Wood - Por Tan Khai - Wat Lam Nao

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Choo Chok Ha Kin Khor Dai Sacred Uposadha Pillar wood hand carved effigy of Jujaka, the Lucky Scrounger, whose Maha Sanaeh and Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm was powerful that he was never refused by anybody when he asked for things. The amulets were blessed in the Year of the Rabbit, whose elemental substance is wood, which increases the power of the amulet.

The Choo Chok Talismanic Amulet (Krueang Rang), is believed to increment and nourish Prosperity and increase the general good fortune and wealth. Choo Chok of course, represents the Luckiest beggar, with the power to charm anyone into handing over their money or possessions. Thus, the sacred wood from the pillars of the Uposadha Shrineroom used to make the amulets, and the Choo Chok magic combine, to make a very powerful spell for receiving gifts and large sums of money, and for having your way and never being refused your requests.

The images depicts the wandering beggar Choo Chok, with his begging sack full of treasures. Choo Chok magic is the ability to always get whatever one ask or wishes for, with incredible luck. Choo Chok was the wiliest beggar the world has ever seen with such a way of getting whatever he asked for, that nothing would ever be refused to him.

Empowerment and Blessing of Choo Chok

The Choo Chok were placed along with a number of other specially made items for Luang Phu to Bless, and then for the Khao Or Masters, including Luang Por Prohm, Por Tan Koi, and other great Sorceors of the 1000 year old Khao Or school of Sorcery to empower.

It is this close Looksit of these Monks who has assisted them in fundraising by creating this special edition that was not officially or publicly advertized. We were lucky to have received a number of the special items blessed in these Ceremonies.

Luang Phu Khai was the direct apprentice in Buddha Magic and Sorcery to the Great Por Tan Klai Wajasit, and was his main lineage transmission inheritor of the Magical Wicha of Por Tan Klai. He went on to become one of the top 3 Master Monks of his Generation of the Nakorn Sri Tammarat wing of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery.

Choo Chok (Jujaka)

His passing left his devotees devastated, and his memory endured in the hearts and minds of all of those who were is students and followers, and those who have enjoyed the powerful magic of his amulets

Kata Bucha Por Tan (Luang Phu) Khai
Por Tan Khai
Por Tan Khai is known for his love of chanting the Kata Chinabanchorn - for this reason, the best way to Bucha Por tan Khai is to chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times, and then the Kata Chinabanchorn, with also if wished, the Kata for his Mentor Por Tan Klai Wajasit.

How to Chant Namo Tassa and the triple refuge

Kata Chinabanchorn (History)

How to Chant the Chinabanchorn Kata (video and sound + text phonetics + English translation)

Kata for all Thai Amulets

Below; Por Tan Klai Wajasit - Mentor and Predecessor of the Nakorn Sri Tammarat Khao Or Master Lineage of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy of Sorcery. One of the Greatest Guru masters of All Thai History.

Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai Wajasit
Puttang Arahang Putto
Tammang Arahang Putto
Sangkang Arahang Putto
Pisit Athagaaro Namo Puttaaya

Choo Chok amulet Luang Phu Khai

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