Chuak Takrut Kart Aew - Hand Plaited Cord Belt for Takrut, Palad Khik & other Occult Charms - Yellow Color 26 - 32 Inch waist

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Hand Woven Takrut Cord Belt, in Black, for encircling the waistline. Attach your Takrut, Palad Khik or other Occult Charms (for example; Bear/Tiger Claw, Look Om, Palad Khik, Choo Chok, Prai Grasip) on the cord belt, using metal rings to attach them with, or simply tie them on as you see fit. Can be used from 26 to 32 inch waistlines.

The Traditional Thai way of wearing large Takrut, Palad Khik and Animist Charms is to hang them tied to a waist cord, and placement (front left right or back) is also taken into consideration depending on the type of amulet.

This particular item is in plain 'Tudong Khaki', and woven with multiple threads for a very strong waist cord that will allow you to attach a great many amulets with no danger of it snapping. The Tudong color is used also by monks who still wear amulets such as Takrut under their 'sabong' skirt, for it is the same colour as a monks robe.

The cord is durable and wwashable, and will last for as long as you use it if properly cared for.

The belt will fit any waist ranging from 27 Inch, to a 32 Inch waist. Or, for larger waistlines, The minimum would be 26 inches. There is enough cord extra to fit differently sized waists, with loop endings for easy encirclement and closure/opening.

Hand made with triple plaid. A loop is attached to one end of the belt to feed the cord through and tie it, as a closure method. Traditional Thai Takrut belt as worn by Thai Buddhist People, since Ancient Times to the Present Day.

The cord is rather stiff at first (can wash to soften) but will soften in time as worn and last for a very long time indeed. It is unlikely that it will break, due to the durable triple plaid weave.

Takrut Belts The belts are available in the accessories section of our store in various color combinations.

hand woven cord waist belt for amulets

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