Chud Gammagarn Tee Raleuk Run Kanjanapisek Wat Boworn - Muan Sarn Jitlada - 6 Famous Thai Buddhas box set - Wat Boworniwes Worawiharn 2539 BE

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6 Famous Buddha Images of National Importance are featured in this 6 amulet Collectors Box Set of Sacred Powder amulets, made with Muan Sarn Jitlada, the famous sacred Powders created and given by Royal Commission. Muan Sarn Jitlada is one of the richest and rarest mixtures of Special Sacred Powders for amulets available. At least three of these amulets are a fitting size for women or children, making this box set a perfect choice for families seeking amulets to wear together. Images of Thailands most Sacred Buddhas is certainly a most auspicious choice, and a very useful piece of Buddhanussati to remind one of one's practice and precepts in Dhamma, and to feel the protective influence of the Buddhas.

Released on Saturday 23rd March 2539 BE (1996 A.D.), in a Puttapisek Blessing Ceremony made on the auspicious Sao Ha date (fifth saturday of the fifth lunar month), for the Kanjanapisek Wat Boworn edition - the sets were made according to the true tradition of Pra Somdej amulet making, in numbers of 84,000 amulets per model, rewsulting in a total number of sets being 84 thousand, equal to the amount of Suttas in the Tripitaka. In the same edition, a set of Master Guru Monk amulets (also 6 in number) was also released.

In the set we find Pra Putta Chinarat Buddha, Pra Gaew Morakot (Emerald Buddha), Pra Luang Por Sotorn Buddha, Pra Luang Por Wat Ban Hlaem (standing Buddha), Pra Somdej Jitlada, and Pra Pairee Pinas Buddha. Finest Royal Sangkaracha commission Pra Somdej amulets in Muan Sarn Jitlada powders.  An excellent addition to any collector's showcase, and essential for collectors of Wat Boworn amulets, as well as an extremely Sacred set of sacred powder Buddha Images which offer a wonderful solution for those seeking a nuber of amulets for the whole family to wear, that are  related and connected with each other, but visually different.

Top Class Sacred Powder amulets from the Royal Temple of Wat Boworniwes, which was where His Majesty the King was resident during his time as an Ordained Monk.

Pra Putta Chinarat

Rear face Pra Putta Chinarat Buddha amulet

Pra Gaew Morakot (Emerald Buddha)

Rear face Emerald Buddha amulet

Pra Luang Por Sotorn Buddha Amulet

Rear face Pra Luang Por Sotorn amulet

Pra Somdej Jitlada Amulet

Rear Face Pra Somdej Jitlada

Pra Luang Por Wat Ban Hlaem

Rear face Luang Por Wat Ban Hlaem amulet

Pra Pairee Pinas Buddha amulet

Rear face Pra Pairee Pinas amulet

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