Dueay Ngu Hlueam - Boa Spurs for Gambling, Charm and Mercy 6.5 Cm - LP Kambu, LP Iad + LP Khai Blessing

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The Spurs of the Male Boa, or Python, are believed to be most powerful and magical, for to increase your success with gambling. They are extremely rare to find and even rarer to get an item like this that has been fully empowered by a group of the Greatest Living Master Monks. including Luang Phu Kambu of Wat Gut Chompoo, and Pra Ajarn Iad with Luang Phu Khai, of the Southern Khao Or Lineage Tradition.

The Khao Or Masters belong to a Tradition, which has a long line of famous and great Masters in its history, such as LP Thuad, LP Kong, LP Nam, Por Tan Klai, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, and the Inimitable Khun Pan, Originator of the Jatukam Ramataep amulet.

The spurs are bound with 'Daay Daeng Akom', a red magical binding cord to increase the Maha Pokasap wealth attraction within the spurs. Hand inscriptions have been performed on the outer surface.

This Amulet is used to empower your gambling exploits, and to increase Mercy & Charm with others in your environment, be it professional, or social scenery.

Python Spur Thailand Amulets

Gold Leaf and a magical spell are applied to the front of the spurs, for Maha Lap Lucky Fortunes.

The Amulets were empowered and blessed primarily by Luang Phu Kambu, but as these were released at the same time that a grand collaboration between the Southern Khao Or Masters was happening, they thus received extra empowerments at various temples and in various blessing ceremonies, with Por Tan KHai, & Pra Ajarn Iad, and other Guru Monks attending to bless and empower them with Metta Mahaniyom Buddhakun Powers.

Use the Kata Aaraatanaa Pra Krueang to beseech blessings and make wishes.

Use for Gambling, Lottery, Charm and Seduction, Mercy, and Commerce.

Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang M4a soundfile tutorial is included in the files downloads tab of your account after purchase.

3 Guru Monks Blessing

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