Gamlai Ngern Ruay Pan Lan 1000 Millions Edition 50 Grams Solid Silver Bracelet 2555 BE Luang Por Ruay Wat Tago

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One of the highly rare, and most preferred items of the pantheon of amulets of the Late Great Luang Por Ruay, of Wat Tago in Ayuttaya (Deceased in 2560 BE), for devotees and serious collectors of this Great Master Monk; The Gamlai Roop Muean Sacred bracelet with Gai Gaew Crystal Cockerels, flanking the Cameo image of Luang Por Ruay on the central area, with round frame, differing from the arched frame of the consequent 2556 BE 'Ruay Tan Jai' edition, which was an equally immense sell-out successful edition Embossed inscriptions and authentication information of maker temple are on the inner side of the Gamlai Sacred Bracelet.

This exhibit is in solid silver, and is the wider version weighing 50 Grams, from the Ruay Pan Lan edition of Luang Por Ruay, of Wat Tago, released in 2555 BE. The bracelets were made in slim and thick models, for men or women (or for larger or smaller wrists). This model ihas a total circumference width of 7 - 7.5 inches, & fits a medium sized wrist.

LP Ruay is a Master Gaeji Ajarn of the previous Generation, who was legendary for his attraction charms and protective amulets in the Rayong Province. This amulet was issued after a Traimas 3 Month Rainy Season empowerment, in 2555 BE, and was one of various editions of bracelets from various years, that are among Luang Por Ruay's most preferred and celebrated amulets.

Luang Por Ruay is rather an inimitable phenomenon, because, he is what we would like to call an inbetweener. Having traversed two generations of masters, he was first adopted as popular Amulets maker by the new age amulets collector community, without them really knowing of his immensely impressive trajectory, and that he is in truth a Master of Old since many years.

However, he has now long since become popular with all the new age and the old era collector scenes since the 1990s, as official documentation in recognized magazines and books has increased knowledge of all his editions. Serious faithful devotees, and also speculative collectors have developed an ever increasing preference, and belief in their effectivity with his amulets.

One could indeed say, that in the post 2010 Era, this great master has crossed over from the new age era category, and entered into the category of an olden days living master, with a trajectory that has allowed him to assemble and assimilate a multitude of Wicha from a Grand list of Kroo Ba Ajarn Masters of ancient amulets, and is the lineage carrier for a multitude of temple lineages.

Having passed through decades of experience in Buddha Abhiseka blessing ceremonies with the Great Master Monks of his predecessor generation, he dominates Wicha like almost no other living monk in the 2020 Era, when this article was written.

Luang Por Ruay with Luang Por Koon

In his practice over the decades, he has attained experience and received Secret sorcery knowledge from some of Thailand's greatest Buddhist masters, including Luang Por Koon, Sangkaracha, and many Masters of Ayuttaya lineage.

LP Ruay has become an insider secret with those who have paid attention, and have seen the certainty of his amulets being both powerful, and for having a future speculative value that has begin to rise enormously, as his trajectory and Mastery of Adept Buddha magic and Khmer Sorcery is complete, as he enters his twilight years, and maturity as a Gaeji Ajarn Guru Monk. One could say that this master has now become officially part of the establishment in the annals of history as one of this century's great masters.

He is now deceased since 2560 BE., and his amulets have become doubly popular, and are slowly disappearing from view, as people snap them up before they are all gone to their respective owners, knowing that the Great LP Ruay is now passed, and no more editions blessed by him will be forthcoming. His name itself 'Ruay' means 'Rich' and strangely enough, during the third opening of his mausoleum coffin for devotees, numbers appeared on the bracelet which was laid upon his corpse, with winning lottery tickets being won by many devotees who wrote them down.

This is of course subject to personal belief in lottery number magic, if this is to have any importance to you, for many people are only focused on the Buddhist Path and Guru worship as self emulation example, for self betterment and liberation fro suffering, whereas others seek the worldly benefits of magic in amulets. Whichever path one seeks, the amulets of LP Ruay provide not only a powerful magic, but also the blessings and remembrance of a Great well-practiced monk who has had some of the Greatest Olden days masters as his Kroo Ba Ajarn teachers in Wicha, and was one of the last 2 decade's most eminent and powerful monks, who, however always preferred to try to take a back seat, despite which, his fame became international, and will remain immortal..

His amulets are ever increasingly popular with collectors of the classic type of ancient amulets, and he has now entered into the early modern era master-class category, as he has aged, and his Amulets have been officially documented in magazines and books. The fact that various encyclopedic works have already been published on Luang Por Ruay's Biography and Amulets, makes them easily researchable and therefore catalogable.

This is part of what makes a classic Amulet become what it is, and attain its status as an amulet of esteemed favor. We prefer proud to present the amulets of Luang Por Ruay in our line of recommended amulets from recommended masters. LP Ruay is also one of our proprietor, Ajarn Spencer's recommended 'ever increasing value' future investment recommendations, for they will soon no longer be affordable and disappear from availablity, due to their immense number of collectors of each edition.

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