Gamlai Pra Rahu Asura Deva Albaca Bracelet - Mangala Naga Rajah Edition 2556 BE Luang Phu Kambu Wat Gut Chompoo

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Now an extremely Rare acquisition indeed from this highly preferred and revered deceased Master, a Pristine condition Sacred Pra Rahu Bracelet from the Great Luang Phu Kambu Kudtajidto, of Wat Gut Chompoo (Now Deceased).

This incredibly beautifully designed Sacred Blessed Image of the Eclipse God Pra Rahu Asura Taep (Asura deva), is Made from Albaca with high Silver content, and has been cast with Sacred Artifact smelted into an Alchemical Alloy.

The bracelet is crafted with an exquisitely Finely Designed Image of Rahu Asura Deva, Eclipsing the Moon (swallowing the moon). The bracelet measures 6 Cm inner surface diameter for a medium sized wrist, and is a seemingly heavy feeling bracelet on the wrist.

Pra Rahu bracelet

Luang Phu Kambu, has now passed away, and his amulets have entered the extreme collector classification. We advise collectors and speculators as well as devotees of Luang Phu, to keep your LP Kambu amulets safely guarded, for they can now only increase in value and become one day sure rarities of high esteem and immense value, and price. They are now more than ever, beyond doubt as classic amulets, from a great Monk of Purity, and the future of his amulets is assured to be auspicious, long, and highly regarded in the collector scene. Being a Bhikkhu and Representative of the Lord Buddha in his stead, he is a messenger of the power of the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, to heal and free from suffering, and Uplift people to a happier and more prosperous life. Luang Phu Kambu amulets are therefore the type of amulet fitting for the faithful Buddhist, who wishes auspicious blessings and perhaps is an aficionado of fine miniature Buddhist art too.

Alchemical Metal smelting for Amulets always has its own Rituals and Empowerments, using the Ancient Formulas of Alchemy, and Incantations to Empower the Metals. Many Sacred Artifacts are used along with powerful Alchemical Metals and Elements, to create Sacred Alloys which have Magick within them, as if running through their veins, even before they are cast into amulets, which are then empowered of their own accord.

The Bracelet features Pra Rahu Om Jantr (Rahu eating the Moon) as a central figure. Sacred Yantra are embossed either side of the Rahu Deity. The inner side of the bracelet has the name of Luang Phu Kambu on each side 'Luang Phu Kambu' on the left side, and 'Kudtajidto' on the right.

Luang Phu Kambu

Paying Bucha to Pra Rahu is essential for turning ones Fate around in times of Trouble. Pra Rahu improves your Horoscope, and removes dark influences and Inauspicious Unlucky events. Correct and Regular Bucha to Pra Rahu bestows various blessings; Maha Lap, Serm Duang, Maha Ud, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom.

This is one of the most sought after and powerful Bucha Items one can have for Increasing Good Fate and Fortunes, Removing Obstacles, protecting oneself from Physical Dangers and Black Magic, and Increasing Wealth and Treasures.

Gamlai Pra Rahu sacre dbracelet Luang Phu Kambu

You can lay the bracelet on the altar to make Bucha offerings/Rituals on Wednesdays, and the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Solstices, to improve your Fate and to Protect from all Evils, Increase Prosperity and Prevent Illnesses.

Fine Authentically Blessed Buddhist Sacred Arts from Luang Phu Kambu for Devotees of Pra Rahu and/or Luang Phu Kambu, and Buddhists in general to Revere. Recommended for those who experience Bad Luck, and are Unlucky in General, to clear obstacles and open up Lucky Fortunes.

Short Kata Bucha Pra Rahu

Yathaadtang Dtimadtang Gaasaedtang

Magical Properties; Maha Lap, Serm Duang, Maha Ud, Kong Grapan, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom

Luang Phu Kambu Kudtajidto Mangala Naga Rajah Edition Rahu Bracelets 2556 BE

Above; Luang Phu Kambu Kudtajidto Mangala Naga Rajah Special Edition Rahu Bracelets 2556 BE - Blessed in Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony on 14th December 2556, at Wat Gut Chompoo in Ubon Rachatani

Use Buddhist Method of Bucha

Three Prostrations and Chanting of Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 Times

How to Chant Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) and the triple refuge Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang

Kata Bucha Pra Rahu

12 repetitons of the Kata Bucha Pra Rahu are to be Chanted;

Idtipiso Pakawaa Pra Rahuu Sataewaa Samaa Winyaana Idtipiso Pakawaa Putta Sangmi

Kata Surya Buppaa (Kata to be chanted in the daylight)

Gusaedto Ma Ma Gusaedto-dto Laalaa Ma Ma Dtolaamo Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamo Ma Ma Tolaamodtang Haegudti Ma Ma Haegudtithe

Kathaa Jantrabupbhaa (Kata to be chanted in the night time)

Yadt-Thadtang Ma Ma Dtangthaya Dtawadtang Mamadtang Wadtidtang Saegaa Ma Ma Gaasaegang Gaadtiyang Ma Ma.Gaadtiyang Ma Ma Yadtigaa

When you begin to Bucha Rahu Deity, you should make the first ever session in the evening of a Wednesday (any time from 7 pm onwards).After you have done this once, you can make Bucha in the daytime if you wish, but the first time you must include the food offerings of black foods as well as the black incense. The second time onwards only the incense is necessary in the daytime if it is a lot of trouble to get the food offerings. Those who know and revere Luang Phu Kambu will have good reason for wearing, believing in, and praying to this amulet. We cannot recommend this sacred bracelet enough, for they are worth every penny for their mastery of design and sacred value. Just to run the eyes over the design of this amulet is to know immense pleasure. A rare piece of wearable Fine Sacred Buddhist Art for the Connoisseur.

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