Hanuman Chern Tong Pim Klang 2552 BE Vanora God with Battle Flag Maha Choke Maha Sethee edition Nuea Sam Kasat Luang Phu Ap Wat Tong Sai

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Hanuman Chern Tong Pim Lek (Hanuman with Battle Flag) 'Run Maha Choke Maha Sethee' edition - (small size) - Nuea Sam Gasat (three colors enamel) - Luang Phu Ap - Wat Tong Sai (Nakorn Pathom). Hanuman in Sam Kasat enamels over Sacred Metals. Empowered over a Traimas 3 month period in 2552 BE by LP Ap of Wat Tong Sai

For Luck and Fortune, success in Business and lifes struggles. Protection and Invincibility is however always a natural blessing from Hanuman too.

Made in medium size apt for both Male and Female devotees of Hanuman or Luang Phu Ap. Comes without case in original box from the temple.

Kata Hanuman

Na Ma Pa Ta Hanumaana Waa To No A Ma Ma Wa

Kata Hua Jai Hanuman (heart Mantra)

Ha Nu Maa Na (3 times)

Longer Alternative

Sappo Bulo Su Sang A Wisang A A Gusalaa Tammaa Abpayaa Kadtaa Tammaa A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu PaPa Pa Su Bu Lo Bu Na Ma Pa Ta Hanumaana Wa To No A Ma Ma Waa Na Mo Put Taa Ya Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Ma A U

Kata Pluk Hanuman

Na Mang Pae Ling Mo Mang Bpaag Grabork Ya Mi Hai Ork Udtang To Ud Tang Ad Asang Wisulo Busapupa Ma A U Om Ya Puttaa Tayo Sadtrii Nisangho

Kata Sri Hanuman (Brahman)

Maruta Nandana Namo Namaha
Kashta Bhanjana Namo Namaha
Asura Nikandana Namo Namaha
Shri Rama Dhuutang Namo Namaha

The Hanuman Deity brings not only Invincibility, Charm and Victory, but also induces Lucky Fortunes for Serm Yos (Promotion of Status), and Increase in Intelligence and Fast-Wittedness. Hanuman is the symbol of Loyalty, for his unwavering dedication and selfless service to Prince Rama as told in the Ramayana.

He is charming, super strong, invincible, cannot die, wily and clever, and is the commander of all the Vanora Devas as their General. Hanuman can not only protect from dangers, black magic and ill fate, he can also bring winners luck to gambling tables, is an able seducer of maidens and nymphs, and is more or less a winner in every walk of life.

His strength is immense and second to no God, for which reason he is the mascot and revered Deithy of Muay Thai Warriors, who call upon the power of Hanuman to defeat their contestants and opponents in battle in the ring. The Winning Power of Hanuman, will clear the way of difficulties, whilst making all ventures successful.

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