Hanuman Song Krueang - Hanuman Ring - Run Sae Yid 89 - Luang Por Foo 2553 BE - Wat Bang Samak

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Hwaen Hanuman Song Krueang - Hanuman Ring Run Chae Yid 89 'Baramee Foo Foo Foo' edition - made Luang Por Foo - Wat Bang Samak - Nuea Tong Sadtang 2553 BE.

This ring has the finger size 57 for a male. Hanuman is popular with many people for his various magical qualities; He is a loyal subject of Pra Ram and thus beings much Metta Mahaniyom. He is brave and agicle, bringing Klaew Klaad and Kong Grapan. He revives himself from the Dead with a gust of wind, bringing long life and Health. He is a master of enchantment of the other sex, bringing Maha sanaeh. He is a great general, bringing Maha Amnaj and commanding power. He is also a bringer of Justice.

Thai Boxers, Politicians, Soldiers, Policemen, Casanovas, Sportsmen.. And all forms of Competitors can find a use for Hanumans magic.

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