How to Practice Vipassana Vol. 1 Part 1 - Manifest Practice through Understanding the Practice - Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

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First Talk in a series of talks covering all perspectives and approaches of the practice of kammathana Vipassana Mindfulness and Self Transformation, and a guide to understanding what the true purpose and goal is of Vipassana Practice.

This first lesson covers a synopsis of the list of topics which will be discussed in the first section of Volume 1, and gives a basic insight into what is meant by each topic title, in preparation for going into more depth in each topic one talk at a time in the subsequent podcasts.

You can hear the podcast online here by using the below player, or, you can download it by 'purchasing ' this free item, and downloading it from your account afterwards.

"Vipassana - all of it. How to Practice Vipassana. What IS Vipassana Anyway? The Benefits of Vipassana, 3 Marks of Existence, 5 Aggregates, Causes of Vipassana, Obstacles to Vipassana....

How to use meditation and the breath to investigate the 3 Marks of Existence and Within all Things, and Realize the Four Noble truths, and the Path to Enlightenment through the Practice of Vipassana, which Ultimately, when fully realized, leads to Magga (Enlightenment)."

Here is a list of the essential topics to be covered in this series of podcasts;
  1. The benefits of Vipassana
  2. How to Practice Vipassana
  3. Seeing Tillakkhana (The three marks of existence)
  4. Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma 37
  5. Vipassana Bhumi - The foundations of Vipassana
  6. The Causes of Vipassana Arising
  7. Vipassana - What Is It?
  8. Vipassana Ñana 9
  9. Solos Ñana 16
  10. Vipassanupa Kilesa 10
  11. Khant Ha (5 Skandhas)
  12. Baramadta Dhamma
  13. Sathipatana Sutta
  14. Visuddhi 7 and the 16 Vipassana Ñana
  15. Pra Trailaks (3 Marks of Existence)
  16. The Meaning of 'Sangkhara'
  17. Dhamma Niyama Sutta
  18. Sangkhara 2 (two kinds)
  19. Sangkhara in Tillakkhana
  20. Sangkhara in The Khandas
  21. Why the Khandas are under the Power of Tillakkhana
  22. Things which disguise the presence of Tillakkhana
  23. Vipallāsa 4
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