Hua Chuea Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man Khmer Necromantic Potion from the Sorcerors of Surin - extra Blessing by Ajarn Plien + Luang Por Prohm

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Huea Chuea Nam Man Prai Dtok Man Necromantic Potion using the true and ancient method of 'Ron Nam Man Prai' using the Ritual Ceremony of Extraction and Empowerment with the Psychic Fury of the Magick of the Hian Spirts ot the Chang Dtok Man (Elephant in Heat). Receive Constant Sustenance and affection from others, attract lucky streaks to increase wealth and wellbeing, seduce others with the attractive and fascination power of the Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man.

The Pheromonic sorcery of the Hua Chuea Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man, possesses incredible Maha Sanaeh Seductive and Maha Pokasap Fertility Magick of an Elephant in Heat, whose Musk is full of Sexual Potency, and Maha Amnaj (commanding power and influence).

The spirit of the Hian Prai Chang who inhabits the Potion s endowed with all the frenzied sexual energy of an Elephant in heat, and has the power to send a chosen mate into willing submission, and allow you to have your way. The Nam Man Prai Dtok Chang is made using Wicha Khmer, and blessed in Wai Kroo Master Day in Surin, the land of Elephants, and further empowered with the Southern Wicha Khao Or Normo Maha Waet of the Khao Or Masters.

The same effect is also invoked for non sexual purposes, such as Mercy Charm to seduce others into doing things your way, or vouching for your ideas. For business and gambling the potion convinces bosses to hire you, customers to buy your wares or use your services, lovers to open up to you, and the demons of the gambling dens to throw the odds in your favor.

This potion was made by Assembly of Surin and Khmer Sorcerors of Wicha Chang, with further Blessings in the South, using Wicha Maha Waet Khao Or Normo, from Ajarn Plien of Wat Don sala, and Luang Por Prohm at Wat Ban Suan. Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man, is a specially extracted Necromantic Nam Man Prai Serum, extracted from an Elephant in Heat.

Only a tiny amount of Hua Chuea, is said to possess more potency thab a full bottle of pure unconcentrated Nam Man Prai. 'Huea Chuea', means 'Concentrated Extract, and refers to the reduction of quantity of the potion, but increase of potency, thorugh boiling the potion down to its maximum thickness.

Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man, is pheromonically one of the world's most powerful natural Maha Sanaeh Aphrodisiac Stun Substances, and the true essential ingredient necessary for the necromantic version of Nam Man Prai Chang Pasom Khloeng, which is herb based and pollen based, and is complimentary to the Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok man.

The Potion comes sealed inside a Silver Capped Takrut Tube pendant case, for easy portability. It can be worn on the waist on a 'Chueak Takrut Kart Aew; Waistcord or can also be carried below the waist in the pocket. Each item is slightly different in length, for which, we beg understanding that the size of item received, can waver slightly between 2 and 3 Cm in length of tubing. This Khmer Necromantic Animist Occult Charm type Talismanic Potion, from Surin Province Sorcerors and Master Monks, is an extremely ancient form of Sorcery, which has been used by Ancient Folk for as long as Human Memory can remember.

Ajarn Plien empowers Grajoo Chang (elephant Phallic)

Above; Ajarn Plien empowers 'Grajoo Chang'. Ajarn Plien Empowered the Grajoo Chang and other Amulets from the Surin Wai Kroo Master Day Ceremony, which were brought to him at Wat Don Sala and then taken onwards to be blessed by Luang Por Prohm at Wat Ban Suan.

This edition included 'Grajoo Chang', Rok Chang (Umbilical Cord), Elephant Tail Hair Rings, and this special 'Huea Chuea Nam Man Prai Chang Dtok Man' (Serum from Elpehant in heat).

The Rok Chang were empowered with Wai Kroo according to the Ancient Khmer Necromantic Wicha, and Blessed and then passed on to Ajarn Plien in the south at Wat Don Sala, and final Blessing from Luang Por Prohm of Wat Ban Suan completed this Wealth and Prosperity bringing Seduction Charm. Prevents Poverty, Improve the flow of Money and Supplies of the Necessary Requisites for Comfortable Living.

Above Pic; Luang Por Prohm Blesses Rok Chang (Elephants Umbilical Cord Takrut), brought from the Wai Kroo of the Surin Master Day Ceremony, and blessed again at Wat Ban Suan.

These Potion Phials were empowered along with a series of other Occult Charms and Amulets from this long planned and great Ceremony, held in the Forests of Surin, in a grand meeting of the Masters from both sides of the border, from Surin in Thailand and also from the Khmer side of the border. In addition to the Nam Man Prai, Takrut Rok Chang, there were also some Hwaen Khon Hang Chang Magical Rings of Power made from the tail hair of elephants, bound into knotwork rings, and some 'Grajoo Chang' were also included in this special and ultra rare to see edition of Necromantic Charms of Old, and some Grajoo Chang, and other Elephant Sorcery Charms were also released.

A great Wai Kroo in traditional ancient style for Elephant Magic as preserved by the Sorcerors of Old, and Used by Elephant Herders to control their animals, as well as by the olden days folk, whose animist beliefs have preserved this Wicha right upoto the present day, where it is finally beginning to become lost and is in danger of disappearance, due to the younger generation losing interest in the old ways of their forefathers.

This is in fact one of the reasons for this Master Day Wai Kroo Ritual Ceremony being held, to revive and Strengthen the continuance of this Wicha and its Traditions, and to make sure that these powerful forms of empowering amulets does not get lost to Mankind. Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of the grand ceremony in Surin, because it was made in high Secrecy.

Offer Coconut, Banana, Sticky Rice, White Flowers once in a while, and water to drink and bathe with.

For full Wai Kroo once a year then give 7 Coconuts, 7 Handfuls of Sticky Rice, 7 Bananas, and 5 Pairs of White Flowers.

Kata Bucha Chang Erawan

Ōm Ērawãna Kachang Būchēmi

Kata Chang Riak Lap

Ka Cha Nē

Chant 11 Times and make your wish.

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