Hua Chuea Nam Man Prai Necromantic Serum Kama Sutra Oil Concentrate Ajarn Dtecho Montr Dam

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Large Phial of Powerful Hua Chuea Nam Man Prai Concentrated Necromantic Serum, made with Dark Arts Khmer Necromancy from Ajarn Dtecho Montr Dam, master of the Wicha Phuug Rak Mad Jidt Khmer Enchantment Spell. The Nam Man Prai is extreme concentrate and large size 'Khuad Kroo 1 Oz. phial for long term usage and Bucha, and spellbound with blackened corpse cords, and smeared with a highly powerful secret serum.

Ajarn Dtecho is a Lay Necromancer of the Korat Province, and an Initiate of the Khmer Dark Arts, whose mastery has become highly renowned in the central, eastern and northeastern regions of Thailand, especially for his Prai Oils and Nectomantic Amulets of high power and fast effectiveness. His ability to make Nam Man Prai for Kama Sutra and Love Binding, to enchant and bind the hearts and minds of all kinds of lovers, be they Tomboys, Gay, Heterosexuals, Men or Women.

Below; Ajarn Dtecho with Bhikkhus preparing a potion for boiling in a sacred cauldron

The Nam Man Prai can be used to smear on oneself or the desired person in the usual manner as defined by the Dtamra for Khmer Nercomancy and Nam Man Prai Oil; For Kama Sutra Magick, the Nam Man Prai can be be smeared on the pelvic reagion above the sexual organs before having sexual relations, to make the partner in question become highly addicted to partaking of sexual pleasures with you, and become unable to give you up. The lover will become enchanted to fall helplessly in love and feel forced to wish to please you.

The oil can (and should) also be smeared in tiny amounts onto your hair (head or body hair), and clothing, to invoke Metta and increase your lover's feelings of love, to make them wish to please you, and even forgive your transgressions. Smear some oil on a photo of the targeted person, to invoke mercy charm, and make them feel kindness towards you, and evoke an enchantment upon them.

The Nam Man Prai can also be smeared to increase Metta Maha Niyom when applying for jobs, and gain favour of employers and superiors. The Nam Man Prai has Mad Jidt Mad Jai Magick to bind the heart and mind of the person you wish to enchant. The Nam Man Prai is fitting for those who like to live promiscuously and have a lot of affairs with different lovers, and does not wish to lead a monogamous lifestyle.

The Nam Man Prai is also useful for those who are Lonely and have no luck in love and sexual relations. For those who are are in sales, and having difficulty in making sales, the oil is also useful to attract and seduce customers into sealing the deal. In such cases, you must smear the Nam Man Prai on the brows is intending to attract customers for business.

Kata Pluk Nam Man Prai

Ubpa Sambpadtichāmi Gāma Leung Lang Sang Kē Gām Ma

You can offer some liquor and spicy foods and water to the spirits in the Nam Man Prai once a week or on Buddhist Holidays, with one stick of incense.

How to Use Metta and Prai Oils

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