Hua Jai Khayum Khloeng Paed Saa Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng for Seduction Gambling, Wealth and Promotion Ajarn Bun Rod

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Hua Jai Wicha Khayum Khloeng Nuea Pong Chompoo (pink Hoeng Prai powders) 2 Sariga Birds on front face, with 2 Takrut 2 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstones, with Jing Jok Koo Mating Geckos on rear face. This amulet was made in pink and purple powders, with the purple version being preferred by males, and the pink version being preferred by ladies and gays for aesthetic reasons, but in truth the amulet is Unisex in both colors, and can be used by anybody, for power of attraction. Some special Ongk Krooo versions were also made with hoeng prai grasip skulls and enchanted dice inserted. Free Shipping Worldwide is included for this item.

Empowered with the formula of the Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng (Burmese Hilltribe Sorcery), from Ajarn Bun Rod, the only known living Looksit of aged sorceror Ajarn Phu Hyad of the Dtai Hloeng Burmese/Thai Borderland Hilltribe.True ancient Thai Lanna Sorcery

Ajarn Phu Hyad was an Uncle of Ajarn Bun Rod who moved to Thailand from Burma, and who Ajarn Bun Rod began to learn Magical Wicha from the age of 10 years old.

This leaves Ajarn Bun Rod and a very few Burmese Hilltribe Sorcerors remaining, making it very difficult to find a master who can perform this Wicha, which is centuries old. After having learned many Wicha, Ajarn Phu Hnan said that he had no more to teach, and that his Training was complete.

Ajarn Bun Rod then learned many more Wicha from Ajarn Plod, including the Wicha Saa Haek, with its triple blessings, which is imbued within this amulet along with the Wicha Bang Prai and Wicha Dtai Hloeng.

The Hua Jai Khayum Khloeng is empowered to Improve the Power of Attraction and Seduction, Improve Professional Success, Increase Wealth and Promotion, Increase the Fortunes of Professional gamblers and increase sales, and improve professional advancement.

The rear face of the amulet is embedded with 2 Takrut and 2 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Enchanted Gemstones, with a pair of entwined mating Geckos embossed within the heart shaped amulet. This Necromantic Animist Charm is very Powerful and Fast Acting, but its power is not to be used Frivolously, and should be used Responsibly.

If a person is enchanted and falls in Love with you, you should take responsibility for that person, and not just break up with them again. If a person is enchanted by the oil and you leave them, they may be so unable to withstand the pain, that they commit suicide or do irresponsible or dangerous things in distress.

Ajarn Bun Rod is one of the last remaining adepts who possess the Burmese Wicha Dtai Hloeng, which is a centuries old Wicha passed down through a very small number of Kroo Ba Ajarn of the Northern Regions, from Master to Apprentice.

Ajarn Bun Rod

Ajarn Bun Rod is one of the only masters in Thailand who holds the Wicha. He learned the Wicha at the age of ten, from the Great Phu Hnan Hyad, who was an older relative of his father, from Burma.

He would observe Phu Hnan Hyad perform blessings and remove curses, He observed Phu Hnan perform Maha Sanaeh Love Spells for people, and saw them come back to tell of the success of the spells, and begged to learn the Wicha. Phu Hnan Hyad taught Ajarn Bun Rod to inscribe the inscriptions of the Wicha Mont Maha Waet Dtai Hloeng Bang Prai, and to recite the many Incantations until he attained fluency.

He would have to master each spell individually, and would only receive the next spell when he had mastered the onoe before it. This way, Phu Hnan ensured adept mastery of each individual spell before bestowing further Wicha. In the end Ajarn Bun Rod managed to master and receive the Wicha Mont Bang Prai and the Wicha Khayum Khloeng in their entirety.

After about 8-9 years of training, Phu Hnan Hyad said that Ajarn Bun Rod had mastered the complete compendium, and that he had no more Wicha left to teach him. The apprenticeship was completed when Ajarn Bun Rod was still only 19 Years old. After this, Ajarn Bun Rod had heard of a Great Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoo master called Ajarn Plod, who was a master of the lineage of Ajarn Jiam.

He thus went to attend the Samnak of Ajarn Plod, and after about ten visits, was accepted as a Looksit, and given permission to learn Wicha. Ajarn Plod was very famous for Wicha Sak Yant, which he bestowed upon Ajarn Bun Rod, along with many other Wicha for spellcasting and amulet making, but also his most famous Wicha Paed Saa Hlaek, which is very powerful Maha Sanaeh Choke Lap Serm Duang (Power of Attraction, Lucky Fortunes and Karma Improvement).

The amulet uses The Wicha Hua Jai Paed Saa Hlaek, which has three important Incantations in Heart Mantra Form; 1. Su Dta (Serm Duang Sian Panan - Improve the Fortunes of the Professional Gambler), 2. Pa Su (Hua Jai Maha Sanaeh Serm Duang Nak Rak - Improve the Fortunes of the Promiscuous or Professional Lover), 3. Nā Su (Hua Jai Maha Lap Serm Duang Kaa Khaay Jaroen Gaaw Hnaa - Improve Professional Success, Increase Wealth and Promotion).

Kata Pluk Hua Jai Paed Saa Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng

Ēhi Dtang Mē Na Rē Ya YaBpathawee Na Ler Shaa Namaa Mihang

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