Hua Jai Rak Sorn Rak (for Gay Men or Women) - Rak Sorn Flower in Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng + In Koo + Takrut Na Jang-Ngang - Ajarn Prodt - Samnak Sanaeh Kobutra

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Specially Formulated for Gay Persons (both Male and Female can use this item), this Rak Sorn Flower with Takrut Na Jang Ngang and in Koo In Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng Prai Oil heart shaped pendant for Maha Sanaeh, from Adept Lay Necromancer Ajarn Prodt, of the Samnak Sanaeh Kobutra Ashram.

This Maha Sanaeh Seduction Spell is a Wicha composed of a sealed heart shape phial in pendant form, containing a potion constituted by one large Dork Rak Sorn flower of Enchantment, one Takrut Na Jang-Ngang Stunner Spell, one In Koo Entwined Lovers Yab-Yum Deva of Love, which are all three immersed in Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng.

This is one of two versions made The first one was for Heterosexuals, as a Chaay-Hying/Hying Chaay type spell (Man-Woman or Woman-Man). The heterosexual versions have different coloured frames, which may be orange, red, white, blue, black, green or purple, etc.

The second version (this one), is specifically empowered and formulated for Gay people, as a Chaay-Chaay/Hying-Hying type spell (Man-Man or Woman-Woman). The Gay version of this amulet is easily distinguishable, for the fact that only the Gay Versions have a pink coloured frame. The Gay version also has a darker coloured oil and herbal content to the Heterosexual version, due to the different formula used specifically to induce desire towards the same sex.

Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng, or, 'Mating Elephants in Heat Oil', is a Prai Oil with a herbal Base using extracts of the Chang Pasom Khloeng Sacred Forest Flowering Herb.Nam Man Chang Pasom Khloeng is not only one of the most extremely rare Prai Oils to find (due to the rarity of the plant itself), but is also believed to be one of the more powerful Maha Sanaeh Magical Herbs in existence.

It is said that the Dork Rak Sorn is a flower that in Siam, it is not allowed to be planted in the vicinity of the home. This is because it is believed to be the cause of a lot of trouble with love affairs and love triangles, due to its Magical Maha Sanaeh Seductive Aura.Because this Amulet is Essentially Herbal Maha Sanaeh Earth Magick, you can use the Kata Sek Wan 108, for Empowering and Calling Upon the Rak Sorn Flower.

Above; Tutorial for Chanting the Kata Sek Wan 108 - Incantation to Chant, to Empower Sacred Herbs Flowers and Woods.

Kata Sek Wan (Mantra to Invoke the Dork Rak Sorn)
U A Ma - Dta Ho Ja - I Swaasu - Mangsang - Suswaa I - Na Ho Ja Na - Tu Sa Ma Ni - Hadt Thi - Ni Sa Ma Tu

The Kata Can be used for all kinds of amulets that are made of Sacred Substances, to invoke the power within these Sacred Substances, as well as in some cases, to merely use the substance itself as an amulet in raw form, and empower as its own naturally formed amulet. Such examples would be a piece of Mai Ga Fak Rak wood, or a Paya Wan Dork Tong, or Dork Rak Sorn Flower, whose Magical Powers are so reputed that no special form of extra empowerment is needed, and they are revered as they are as natural phenomena.

Special Kata for this Amulet; Hee Ho Hae Haa

One Takrut Na Maha Jang-Ngang Spell, to Stun Others, is immersed into the Chang Pasom Khloeng Prai Oil along with the Rak Sorn flower, whose Power of Enchantment is Legendary. Finally, one In Koo Male-Female Deva of Love statuette is immersed into the oil, which has been empowered beforehand with the Invocations of the In Koo/In Gaew Yab-Yum Deity.

With the Power of Maha Sanaeh Seductive Charm from the Magical Aura of the Rak Sorn Flower, the Stun Effect of the Takrut Na Maha Jang-Ngang Spell, and the Immensely Convincing mercy Charm of the In Koo to entice and seduce others in your favour, a Hand of Triple Aces is provided, using the most Ancient of Magickal Wicha of South-east-Asian Folklore, to create an Earth Magick based Potion Spell in the form of an Amulet, in an aesthetic, and relevantly heart-shaped sealed waterproof pendant casing.

Rak Sorn Flower is often seen used as an ingredient for Metta and Prai Oils, but only rarely do we see, and get the chance to own the whole flower with the Prai Oil as its consecrating oil. One single flower would usually be distributed in quite a few bottles of Prai Oil, whereas this truly Muan Sarn based Potion, focuses on the Power of the Maha Sanaeh Magic of not only the Muan Sarn within the flower, but the flower as an entity in its own right.

The flower is the magical focal point of this spell, with the oil being a supplementary Empowerment feature, to Consecrate, and Assist the Rak Sorn Flower to Emit its Maha Sanaeh Aura.One could say this amulet/potion (we prefer to simply call it a 'Wicha') is a Magical Formula that is as Authentic as it is Ancient, encased in a form that is aesthetically attractive, allowing this Magic Spell to be a fashionable accessory too, which can be worn on show, whilst maintaining the fact that it has magical properties, a secret.

Ajarn Prodt is a reclusive Hermit Sorceror who focuses on using undiluted pure Muan Sarn Sacred Ingredients to produce the most authentic formulas according to the Ancient Magickal Grimoires of the Dtamra of Wicha Saiyasart, and to use only the rarest and most powerful Muan Sarn, along with adherence to all the lengthy methods of empowerment, and Incantations, which are demanded by the Ancient Formulas of Occult Sorcery

His amulets are only made in small numbers, with each amulet being individually empowered, and remaining faithful to the olden days methods, which are very lengthy, but are the most powerful and authentic. His amulets range from the affordable to the incredibly expensive, depending on the item in question. Some of his Spells and Amulets are one-only hand made items, which use the highest concentration of Muan Sarn Sarn, and carry a heavy price.

These Rak Sorn Flowers in Hearts, are recommended as a very powerful Maha Sanaeh Potion, that is one of Ajarn Prodt's more affordable items, and for those who are interested in the Power of the amulets of Ajarn Prodt, these are also recommendable entry stage amulets, to test the power of his Magic, before investing in any of his more highly priced (and Prized!) amulets of Ajarn Prodt

About the Powers of In Koo Type Amulets

The In Koo is as Prai Deva of Love of the Ancient Lanna Sorcery. If the In Koo is kept in the House, then all the family and people in the household will love each other and be happy together. If it is worn as a love charm or carried on ones person, then it will cause everyone the wearer meets to feel friendly and compassionate towards them, and even make others fall in love with the wearer if Bucha is made to the In Koo, and this request is asked for in exchange for Bucha.Tradition found in North Thailand, Laos and even some parts of Myanmar.

The In Koo (also known in South East Asia as ‘Yin Tong’) is a symbiotic Deity in the form of a Humans with other Humans, Humans with Animals, as well as just Animals embracing each other.

It is a magical animist effigy which ancient people believed represents the first ever pair of Man and Woman (male and female) in the History of the World, and is a symbol of Love between a man and woman, and in the case of Gay persons, a man with another man, or a woman with another woman.

It is believed that the holder of an In Koo Talisman is endowed with Maha Sanaeh power over the other sex, and that they will feel attracted to the wearer of the In Koo, and wish to approach and get to know you. If they approach then they will be helpless against the attraction power of the Palad In Koo. This is the Love Charm Magic of Maha Sanaeh (Charm and Attraction).

If the In Koo is kept in the House, then all the family and people in the household will love each other and be happy together. If it is worn as a love charm or carried on ones person, then it will cause everyone the wearer meets to feel friendly and compassionate towards them, and even make others fall in love with the wearer if Bucha is made to the In Koo, and this request is asked for in exchange for Bucha.

Business will flourish, money and gifts will flow in, good fortune will come, and life without disturbances. The In Koo is a sacred Love and Metta Maha Sanaeh Talisman which has been used by ancient folk for thousands of years, and shows no sign of disappearing soon, for its popularity as a love charm is still as evident as it ever was.

The Magical Properties and attributes of the In Koo;

Maha Laluay – powerful charm and attraction magic causes those nearby to applaud, admire and feel friendliness towards the wearer of the In Ko

Maha Sanaeh – powerful enchantment magic causes those who are targeted to fall helplessly in love with the wearer of the In Koo.

Kong Grapan – protective magic prevents ballistic weapons and sharp objects from piercing or penetrating the skin.

Gan Kun Sai – protects against black magic and evil spirits, defends against Hun Payont, magic spells and the like.

Metta Mahaniyom – Discussions, Debates and Business talks or Diplomacy matters will be discussed easily and you will be able to get your point across and be convincing.

Kata In Koo (Perm Sap/Increase Wealth)

Om Raachaa Taewaa Swaahome Om Taewee Maama Jidt-Dtang Arahang Swaahome

Kata for the In Koo of Kroo Ba Nandta

Om Laluay Maha Laluay Nguay Ngong Jong Jai Rak Goo Hmuean Dang Chang Rak Ngaa Hmuean Pla Rak Nam Hmuean Khaw Orn Hai Hmuean Fai Orn Maw – then say; “Ai + Name of person you wish to charm” (Ai for Man or Ee for a woman) – Rak Goo Yaa La Om Sitti Swaaha Swaahome Na Ma Pa Ta (Chant 3, or 9 times, and then blow on the In Koo amulet)

Kata Pluk In Gaew (Awaken the In Gaew Deva)

In Heuy In In Gaew Nang Bpaeng Nang Ging Jai Kheng Hai Nang Rong Hai Krai Dai Guu Dtae Ner! Nang Ner Er Nang Rak Swaahum Dtid (chant 2 times)

Kata for making the In Koo perform as ‘Sanaeh’ (attraction charm) against the opposite, (or if Gay) the same sex;

Ung BpiyaBpiyang Sinohang Bpa Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Then, in the case that a man is to be enchanted, chant;

In Gaew Maa Lo Bpuriso Bpiyang Ma Ma Mang So Sang Yo Ko Mang Mang (chant 4 times)

Or, in the case that a woman is to be enchanted, chant;

In Gaew Maa Lo Idthii Bpiyang Ma Ma Mang So Sang Yo Ko Mang Mang (chant 4 times)

Kata for calling the In Gaew/Yin Tong to assist in selling your wares, and attract customers;

Om In Gaew Naree Jag Chuay Khong Gaa Duay Bpaag Khunanaang Han Khong Loo Gan Sir Hyub Laew Ruad Lerm Waang Om Swaahum Dtid

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