Hua Suea Maha Amnaj (Tiger head Amulet - color) - Bucha Kroo edition - Fang Takrut, Ploi and Hnang Suea - Wat Bang Pr

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This incredibly well crafted metal tiger amulet has a piece of tiger skin and tagruds in the back side, as well as a semi precious crystal. This is one of a collection of four tiger head amulets by Hlwong Por Sam Ang, Gaeji Ajarn and Successor to Wat Bang Pra Temple in the Lineage of Hlwong Por Phern.


Sacred powders are stuffed into the rear face along with the Takruts, tiger skin and semi precious stones, which were given long incantations and inscription of Khom sacred Agkhara spells. Made to celebrate Wai Kroo Luang Por Phern (Master Day to Bucha the Kroo).

Kata Hua Jai Suea
Gurusugu, Rusugugu, Suguguru, Gugurusu

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