Hun Payon Akom Chae Nam Man Prai Golem Ghost in Prai Oil for Protection Luck and Good Business Ajarn Parn Jaroen Krung

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A special limited edition series of Hun Payont consecrated in Nam Man Prai Oil Potiion to increase potency, from Ajarn Parn Jaroen Krung. This traditional ancient style hand spellbound rattan Hun Payont Golem Ghost Soldier Effigy is bound using the ritual winding of the effigy in specific sequence to turn the Heartstrings and invoke the 4 elements, and the 32 components of living beings, performing Incantations simultaneously as the effigy was bound, with each section of the ritual having its own particular Incantations commanding the process (Kata Gamgab).

The Hun payont is consecrated and immersed in a potent Prai Oil potion, and is bound using Daay Akom Jet See seven colored threads, which is a powerful Wicha for binding spells.

Ajarn Parn Jaroen Krung learned his particular versions of the Wicha Hun Payont for a very famous Samnak Saiyasart in a Temple of Ayuttaya, which Ajarn Parn has never revealed which Samnak this is. Ajarn Parn is known to have had the highest aims and intentions in the creation of this edition of Hun Payont amulets. For those who are devout students of the Hun Payont of great masters would assume that Ajarn Parn's 'secret' Samnak, is almost certainly the Samnak of the lineage of the Great Ajarn Loi, for the inimitable fashion used to weave the Hun Payont.

He created them insisting that they be made with adherence to the full Dtamra, and he performed a long series of Incantations over a long period of time, to ensure the completion of the full Sutra to take effect. He performed a full Traimas (Trimester) of Nightly Incantations and did not cease to empower them until he sensed them to be filled with Power.

This Hun Payont is indeed a 'Hun Payont Boran' ('Boran' in this context meaning 'Olden Days Style) - Made in the original Ancient method of hand binding using rattan, and 'Daay Akom' binding threads to reanimate the Animist Spirit of a Hun Payont within the effigy.

Long before the Buddhist Faith was established in what is now the Kingdom of Thailand, there were already many beliefs and practices, many of them being occult, shamanistic or animist. There were Ruesi Sages, Brahman magic makers and every kind of Hmor Phii' (witch doctor) you can think of. The Kingdom was known for its extremely wide range of powerful Magic Spells, and one of these was the Hun Payont effigy.

The Hun Payont are Powerful Source of Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm and Klaew Klaad Danger Evasion, and Choke Lap Lucky Fortunes (Good for Business and for Lucky Streaks).

If you are thinking that the Hun Payont, and the Wicha Pong Solos Powders are like two Wicha in one Amulet, then you are right, because the Pong Solos powder is in itself, an Individual and Stand-Alone Wicha, as is the Hun Payont. This kind of Necromantic Invocation Sorcery belongs to the Earth Magick Elemental category.

Kata for Hun Payont

So Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sa A Ni So A So A So Ni Ni Sa A So Ni So A So A Ni Yo Sa A A Ni So Sa Sa Ma Su

The raising or keeping of a Hun Payont, is very much like that applied for the Kumarn Tong Deities, except that one should consider the older age of these Deities when giving offerings. Each Individual Master may have different rules for the Hun Payont they make, which can be added or used to replace the usual Kata for chanting, depending on your preference and what feels faith instilling to you.

Before taking the Hun Payont into the house, you must light 16 Incense sticks and pray to the Jao Tee (local Devas and Spirit Guardians) and inform them that the Hun Payont is another welcome member of the Family.

Bucha Hun Payont

Light one stick of Incense (or Mae Hong Prai), and chant the following Kata

Jijeruni Jidtang Jaedtasigang iibpang Nimidtang – Por Payont – Aakajchaahi Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

Kata Pluk Hun Payont

So Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sa A Ni So A So A So Ni Ni Sa A So Ni So A So A Ni Yo Sa A A Ni So Sa Sa Ma Su

Kata for giving food and offerings

Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa
You can be flexible with what you offer, depending on what is convenient or what you feel your Deities will like to receive.

Light incense sometimes – chant the Kata often.
Some people also offer Whiskey and Fresh boiled pork on Banana Leaf or Pandan leaf.

Kata Bucha Hun Payont Boran

Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya

Imapata, Imapata, Imapata

Saatu Saatu Saatu.

Kata for asking permission to use the Hun Payont to help complete a mission or other task;

Puttang Mahaa Araatanaanang Atitdthaami Puttang Mahaa Bprasittimae Tammang Mahaa Aaraatanang Atidthaami Tammang Mahaa Bprasittimae Sangkang Mahaa Aaraatanaanang Atidthaami Sangkang Mahaa Bprasittimae

Kata and Bucha methods for Hun Payont

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