Hun Payont Mai Ga Fak Rak - 8 Inches - Enchanted Sacred Treewood Spellbound Ghost Soldier effigy - Por Tan Kloi - Less Than 2 Dozen Made

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Hun Payont Ghost Soldiers made from Sacred Ga Fak Rak/Ga Fak Rak Yom Tree. Made & Blessed by Por Tan Kloi (Now Deceased), of Wat Phu Khao Tong. The magic of Sacred Tree Wood, combined with the power of the sacred inhabiting spirit Deva, along with the incantations of the ancient Animist Wicha Hun Payont, result in the most original and authentic powerful Hun Payont effigy possible.

Adherent to the original methods, the Hun Payont Mai Ga Fak Rak, is composed completely of mother natures natural magical ingredients and Sacred Muan Sarn. The effigies are bound using sacred 'Daay Akom' magical cords, and given powerful magical herbal pastes applied to the spellbinding cords, which bind the spirits within the effigy.

The effigy in itself is not carved, rather, has its humanoid form emerging from the natural growth of the sacred Ga Fak Rak tree. 'Ga Fak Rak' means Kroll bringing love. This is an allusion to the fact that the pheromonic and magical attraction powers inherent within this sacred wooden effigy, are not only Metta Mahaniyom, Kong Grapan and Klaew Klaad with Maha Lap wealthy fortune bringing powers, but also possess the power of immense Maha Sanaeh enchantment.

This Hun Payont is 8 Inches long in size

Sacred effigies made from holy Treewood with the resident Deva inhabiting. Blessed by the Master of Wrat Pu Khao Tong, Por Tan Kloi. Wrapped with sacred Sinjana cords, and pasted with Sacred Muan Sarn. The perfect defence against black magic, The ghost within the amulet is said to speak to the ruling deities of gambling tables, and dens of iniquity, and charm them into turning the odds in your favour.

Hun Payont

These particular amulets are extremely rarely seen to be made, for it is extremely difficult to encounter this sacred tree, and use the wood for making magical effigy.

Por Tan Kloi Has made up to 5 or six editions of this kind of amulet in official release but never have we seen these handmade sacred wooden effigy, is coming from this master, who is so famous as a Master of Hun Payont Effigy Empowerment. Hun payont is good for using to call Lovers to come back to You, or to rid oneself of debts, protect the household from thieves and Black magic.

Only a dozen or two of these effigies were created, because of the extremely limited number of pieces of wood available for use. The invocations of the resident deity were made along with the incantations of the four elements and the 32 parts of the living human being to bring it to life with the mind of a Hun Payont.

Blessed in solo empowerment by Por Tan Koi, at The temple of Wat Pu Khao Tong.

por tan kloi

Above Image; Por Tan Kloi Blessing Hun Payont Mai Ga Fak Rak, and some Tiger Skins

Por Tan Kloi Anomo was complete in the Adept Mastery of Saiyawaet Wicha of the Khao Or Southern School of Sorcery Tradition Puttakom Methods, especially on the areas of Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Sanaeh, Maha Lap amd Maha Mongkol type.

Por Tan Kloi Funeral

Monks give their respects to Por Tan Kloi

Por Tan Kloi was one of the Khao Or Sorcery Lineage Masters, and is now sadly no longer with us, and leaves us with his heritage of a Grand trajectory, and his many editions of amulets, which are now fast disappearing, as they are swiftly being snapped up and kept by his many devotees around the world.

His Metta and Grand Patipata throughout the decades and is sacred amulets will serrve to remind us of this Great Master, and his Deeds.

Por Tan Kloi

These ancient animist effigies possess the power of the incantations of the ancient Khmer Sorcerers & their magical arts, Which have survived the passage of time up to the modern era to Bless us with the ancient lmgic from 3000 years ago, Transferred through the lineage of the Masters across the Aeons.Hun Payont spirit assistants work as a kind of invisible guardian and valet, who cares for your safety and well being, protecting and nourishing. He can be used to complete and fulfill missions and tasks which are beyond your own abilities, in exchange for your making and sharing of merits with the Hun Payont.

Por Tan Kloi in glass coffin at the temple of Wat Phu Khao Tong

Below is a video clip showing another example of Hun Payont from this same edition.

General Bucha Offerings

Offer water for normal occasions, but if you wish the Hun payont to become aggressive and fearsome defender, offer whisky (one small glass) and spicy foods. Light one stick of incense, and chant the following Kata;

Kata Pluk Hun Payont

Jijeruni Jidt-Dtang Jaedtasigang Ruubpang Nimidt-Dtang Idti Phuudta Aehi Jidt-Dti Maa Ni Maa Maa

If you must enter into Dangerous places or situations, then add the following Kata to the end of the previous one;

Na Ma Pa Ta

Kata Pluk Hun Payont

So Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sa A Ni So A So A So Ni Ni Sa A So Ni So A So A Ni Yo Sa A A Ni So Sa Sa Ma Su.

Kata Bucha Hun Payont Boran

Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya – Na Mo Puttaaya

Imapata, Imapata, Imapata

Saatu Saatu Saatu.

Kata bucha Hun Payont (various) - click to read

Namo Poog Jidt Namo Poog Jai Namo Rak Krai Na Pag Jai Sangko Tanya Udti Sangkhodti

The following links will instruct you properly in what methods are available for you to use as Bucha and for bringing into the house;

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Bot Phae Metta – Dedication of Merit and Prayer for Metta

Kata for Metta and Maha Sanaeh (Love, Attraction and Preferential treatment)

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