Hun Payont Nam Choke in Dancing Deva Oil 2551 BE - 'Baramee Por Phu' edition - Nuea Dtagua Chae Nam Man Taep Ramjuan - Blessed in a Cemetery and in Wai Kroo Por Gae Ta Fai Ceremony - LP Naen Kampiro

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This portable Hun Payont Nam Choke (Luck Bringing effigy) was made from ancient pieces of magical metals which Luang Phu Naen has gathered over his years of Tudong wandering. He inscribed Sacred Yant spells to empower and invoke the living spirit of the Hun Payont, and then awakened its presence using the Ancient Khmer Wicha which he learned from Ajarn Hmong of Angkor Wat. This edition is the 'Baramee Por Phu Ruesi' edition which was made and empowered before the 'Chalong Chedi' edition (raising of the Chedi Chadtra). The amulet was empowered doubly with the Sariga Pak Dee golden tongue bird amulets. In addition to the protective aspect of the Hun Payont, the effigy is soaked in 'Nam Man Taep Ramjuan' (Dancing Deva Oil), which has the enchantment of an Apsara Deva, and increases the Metta Power of the Hun Payont, which in turn helps the Hun Payont to help in matters of acquiring wealth and increasing prosperity. Registered Airmail Delivery included in price.

The effigy of the Hun payont is in the form of a fearsome strong young warrior, with magical Khom Agkhara inscriptions all over its surface. Thes Agkhara spells increase the magical effect and psychic powers of the Hun payont, and endow it with the power to guard over the home, fend off ghosts and evil spirits, black magic and other negative energies and influences.

Preventing Thieves from entering and warning of all dangers which may befall the household or owner of the Hun Payont. The Effigy attracts lucky circumstances and customers to buy your wares, and increases your fortunes steadily.

Kata Bucha Hun Payont (LP Naen Kampiro Lineage)

Om Na Ma Pa Ta Jaedta Phuudto Maha Phuudtang Hun Payondtang Nimidtang Gang Ruubpang Bpiyang Ma Ma Aehi Aehi Na Mo Put Taa Ya (chant 7 Times)

Om Na Ma Pa Ta Jaedta Phuudto Maha Phuudtang Hun Payondtang Nimidtang Gang Ruubpang Bpiyang Ma Ma Aehi Aehi Na Mo Put Taa Ya (chant 7 Times)

This particular year of issue, Luang Phu Naen tooktook Hun Payont which he has empowered in meditation in a Cemetery, and re-empowered them at the Wai Kroo Ruesi Por Gae Ta Fai Master Day Ceremony with a host of other great masters present to assist in the empowerment. It comes soaked in Prai and Metta oils for concentrated and powerful effect.

The 'Chanuan Muan Sarn' (sacred metals used to smelt the effigies), was composed of old leaden Sacred artifacts, and other amulets from the first 2551 edition of Hun Payont effigies, and mixed with Yantra Foils which Luang Phu Naen had made and given Incantations and Jhanic empowerments in the cemeteries, over a period of 3 years.

Both the metals and the Hun Payont itself are extremely powerful because Luang Phu Naen has invoked the Kroo Deities of his lineage and Masters to attend in his presence and assist in the empowerment by sitting in the spirit world at his side and join in in his Incantations and empowerments. The Ruesi Kroo of his lineage have immense Jhanic powers above that of a mere Human Ruesi, which endows the Hun payont with true power of the Devas.

The Invocations empowered each Hun Payont with a mind, and a spirit body within the effigy, which the Masters commanded to assist the owner and protect, and increase their good fortunes, bringing hapiness, safety and riches, preventing accidents and unforeseen inauspicious events from happening.


Protecting from magical attacks and evil entities approaching, including black magic spells and curses.

The Hun Payont, when used in the car, can protect from accidents and make you journey safely, and keep it safe from robbers in your absence. Even wild animals as powerful as the elephant, tiger or buffalo can not enter or approach and harm you.

How to Worship Hun Payont

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