Hun Payont 'Run Sorng' (Second Edition) - Nuea Din Aathan (Sorcerous Earths) - Luang Phu Sawad (Por Phu Ruesi) - Wat Kaset Sukh 2552 BE

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Second edition of Luang Phu Sawad's famous hand made earthen Hun Payont Ghost Soldier amulets. After the first edition of 99 Hun Payont was instantly sold out and recevied Instant Success with those who got one, one year later in 2552 BE, Luang Phu agreed to make another batch for those devotees who missed out on the first edition which did not make anywhere near enough amulets to go round.

Size; 2.5 Cm High x 2 Cm Wide

The Hun Payont Effigy warns of danger, acts as a Karmic shield, gives clues of luck, chance, lottery, intuitive hunches - watches over your house and possessions and wards of thieves and evil energies, ghosts, demons - helps to promote busiiness and call customers.

Luang Phu Sawad built and empowered the Hun Payont Effigy using the Wicha of the Ruesi. Many years ago, he mad a small number of only nine Hun Payont, and buried them iin the four corners of the temple one in each direction. So four were gone, and the remaining 5 Hun Payont were distributed to some close Looksit. After this, many Miraculous events occured; Many Looksit recounted the same tale, that they had seen someone walking around the temple as if they were guarding it, especially on Holy days. They said that they saw a dark shade wandering around the temple walls.

Luang Phu says that the Wicha of building or invoking life into a Hun Payont effigy, is a Wicha that he learned from a lineage that has passed on the Wicha since the Ayuttaya Period. This Wicha is what Luang Phus Ruesi Kroo has passed on to him, which has a very ancient magical formula, and uses many powerful Sorcerous Substances in the Muan Sarn Ingredients used in the making of the effigy.

Muan Sarn; Loha Aaathan (Alchemical Metals), Mai Saksit (Sacred Woods), Din Aathan (Sorcerous Earths), Khee Pheung Aathan (Magical Wax), earth from the heart of a cave, earth from 7 Cemtereies, 7 Giant Termite nests, broken [iecesa of Ancient Chedi Stupa bricks, Clay/Peat from a Marsh, Earth from a triple fork in the road, broken pieces of Temple wall stone from 7 different Sacred Buddhist Temples.

All of these Sorcerous Earths were then mixed together with 'Pong Yant Lob' - Sacred Chalk powders froom the Inscription of hundreds of Yantra Spells by the hand of the Adept Master.  This is in keeping with the True Wicha Kroo of Hun Payont Making.

Once Luang Phu sawad had made the Muan sarn for the molding of the Hun Payont, he chose a Full Moon Night on an Auspiciously aligned Astrological date, to perform the Invocation of the Hun Payont and Raise it to Coonsciousness, molding each Hun Payont by hand whilst performing Incantations and Meditative communication with the Celestial Realms. Performing the Incantations for the four elements and the Akarn Sam Sip Sorng, the 32 Components of a Living Human Being to arous the Hun Payont constantly without pause until each and every Hun Payont had beein Invoked to have  an inhabiting mind of a spirit, and a life of its own.

Kata Bucha Hun Payont

Idti Arahang Arahang Pakawaa Sammaa Samputto

Tu Sa Na So Na Mo Put Taa Ya Gan Man Dto Mae Dtang Pa Wi Chi Nang Pa Wan Ju Dti (chant 3 times)

Kata Plug Hun Payont
Om Bplug Mahaa Bplug Guu Ja Blug Phu Payont Duay
Jae Dti Aagang Naa Ma Payont Ni So Sa A Naa Ma Dtae

Free mp3 Sound Tutorials for proper Pronunciation of Both the above two Kata, are downloadable after you have purchased the amulet. Simply log in to your account with us and go to the files tab to download MP3 Tutorials (fast and slow versions) for this Kata.

How to Worship Hun Payont

The Effigies were blessed animated and empowered in 2552 BE - they have now also, as have their preceding first edition, become very rare to find.

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