Hun Payont effigy for good business, love and popularity (Black color for Men) - Luang Por Pramote, Wat Khao Changum

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Luang Por Pramote has used his rare and famous Metta oil once again in these Hun Payont effigies. Made faithful to the proper ancient Wicha of Hun Payont Making, and using a Metta Oil which is of the fines and most powerful magical ingredients and which has recieved an authentically sacred empowerment method.

This Hun Payon is in Black cord and is the Male version forMen to wear. You can hang it in the store, on a key chain or wallet, or wear as an amulet if you wish to attract admirers of the other sex, instead of money and customers.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are a matter of preference for those who know his magic charms, and have enjoyed the true noticeable effects of his amulets, which are made with authentic and rare ingredients which are not to be found in the commonplace amulet. His amulets are made according to the Tru Wicha and ancient formulas, and using the best artists and materials to make high quality amulets for discerning people. Thailand-Amulets.Net recommends and supposts LP Pramote and his temple, and believes in the magical qualities and amazing beauty of his amulets, as both a source of magical power as well as being high end Religious Art that is hard to find comparison.

How to Worship Hun Payont

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