Hwaen Pirod Ring of Elemental Fire for Power and Protection 2 Cm Inner Width Nuea Tong Buab - Luang Por Tong - Wat Pra Puttabat Khao Yay Horm

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The Hwaen Pirod Ring of Elemental Fire for Power and Protection is a special release and rarely seen Wicha from Luang Por Tong Suttasilo, of Wat Pra Puttabat Khao Yay Horm. Each ring has its own specific numbered series code of this limited edition engraved into the innier side of the ring.

Made from Nuea Tong Dork Buab Golden Alchemical metal substance, the ring is empowered with Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Chadtri Protective Powers, Maha Ud Gunstopper, and Maha Lap Choke Lap magic for Lucky Fortunes. The inner side of the ring has an image of Luang Por Tong, with Khom Agkhara spells embossed into the surface.

The Hwaen Pirod Ring Amulet is a Wicha of Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Evasive Protection is effective as a protective spell against all forms of black magic, sorcery, evil eye, demons and physical dangers, which derive from weapons of war, sharp and blunt instruments.

Klaew Klaad Evasive Magic is also inflected to prevent any deadly accidents or disasters from befalling the wearer. The ring offers Protection against Black Magic, and all forms of Sorcery, Curses, Evil Eye, Demons. Protection and Evasion from all Physical Dangers, all sharp and projectile weapons, and especially death by fire and burning.

The Wicha Tam Hwaen Pra Pirod, is a very ancient form of Magical Sorcery, from very long before the Siamese Kingdom existed. It was used by Warriors in ancient times throughout the Southeast Asian continent, and particularly later, during the times of war between the Kingdoms of the Khmer and Siam.

In Olden days, this magic spell was also traditionally made as an arm-band, called a ‘Prajiad’, which was, and is indeed still in ceremonial form, worn by Muay Thai boxers, and was worn into battle by warriors of olden days. The ring, if too small or large to fit on the finger, can be worn around the neck on the pendant chain, or can be carried in the pocket, for concealement.

They can be worn on the finger, or encased in waterproof casing, or, be just placed inside the pocket. Wearing the amulet concealed inside one’s pocket, is very popular with many members of the military, due to the fact, that these days, one is not allowed to wear a ring whilst in service, or in battle.

Very few Guru Masters who still possess this particular magic spell in these days, and knows its methods of making. It can almost be said to have nearly died out in its entirety, as a form of magic spell.

Luang Por Tong Suttasilo was a close friend and helper of the Great Luang Por Koon of Wat Ban Rai, who assisted Luang Por Koon in his duties, including the famous golden needle insertion in the arm. Wherever Luang Por Koon would travel to perform ceremonies or to practice, Luang Por Tong would follow and remain at the side of Luang Por Koon.

Luang Por Tong travelled all over the country with Luang Por Koon throughout many years. travelling as far as Pukhet in the south, to stay for one year and practice and assist Luang Por Koon, and throughout the land from Korat, to Sra Gaew, Chonburi, Lopburi and onwards to Chiang Mai.

Then, after time, in the year 2533 BE, Luang Por Koon decreed that such a diligent and devoted monk as Luang Por Tong should go forth and perform his deeds on his own, to help Buddhist people and the Buddha Sasana where need called for. He thus gave Luang Por Tong the commission to go and look after the temple of Wat Pra Puttabat Khao Yay Horm.

This was a temple with great tranquility and perfect for Luang Por Tong to further his Samadhi Bhavana Meditative abilities and master the practice of Kata Akom Incantations. From then to the day of his passing, Luang Por Koon would send his Takrut Tong Kam fang Khaen (gold Takrut for insertion into the arms of devotees), Takrut Tone Yantra foils, and Takrut Chay Jiworn (Civara robe pieces for Takrut scrolls), for Luang Por Tong to perform the inscriptions, and send back to Luang Por Koon.

If we consider that Luang Por Tong was the first apprentice of Luang Por Koon empowered to make Takrut for Luang Por Koon and the temple of Wat Ban Rai, then we can say that if Luang Por Koon considered Luang Por Tong to be powerful enough to perform these tasks in his stead, then we can assume Luang Por Tong to possess immense diligence and prowess in the ability to make Magical Spells.

His magic is on a level of Adepthood that was satisfactory for one of Thai History's greatest master monks of all time, the Great Luang Por Koon. Not much more needs to be said considering this fact, for which we can be certain that the Hwaen Pirod Nuea Tong Dork Buak is indeed a powerful Talismanic amulet of great desirability for those seeking protective power and lucky fortunes.

This Wicha as old as that all of Sak Yant sacred geometry tattoos, which also dates centuries back into the far-flung history of South East Asian occultism. To see this kind of amulet, is these days in any case extremely rare. For this reason, as well as for it’s immense ancient sacred powers the Amulets, is also highly collectible and then extremely interesting item to possess as an exhibit, in one’s personal showcase.

Kata Pra Pirod - Incantations for putting on, and removal of the Magic Warrior Ring of Protection and Power 'Hwaen Pra Pirod' often also commonly known as 'Hwaen Dtakror'. This Incantation is also used for invoking and putting to sleep of the spell within the Sak Yant Tattoo 'Yant Pirod', and 'Yant Look Dtakror'.

Kata Waen Pirod

Om Pra Pirod Khord Pra Pinai

(Chant 9 Times when placing the ring on or hanging it on your neckchain for wearing)

Om Pra Pinai Klaay Pra Pirod

(Chant 9 times when removing the ring, or taking of your neckchain or pendant holder)

Kata Hwaen Pirod Luang Por Tong

Om Pirod Plord Pay Kun Kroo Tam Hai Kum Krong Pay Sawasdee I-dti-bpi-sō Sō-bpi-Dti-I Namō Puttāya Yatā Put Mō Na Na-Ma-Pa-Ta A-Aa I-Ii Eu-Eū Swāha

Kata Hwaen Pirod Given by the Kroo Ruesi Pra Pirod - which are 4 Akghara Khom for Bucha;


There are 16 different ways to invoke the various powers witin the Hwaen Pirod for different purposes, which is performed by changing the sequence of four Khom Agkhara syllables into different sequences, resulting in differing effects.

MA MU KHU KHA - Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Dangers)

MA KHU MU KHA = Gambang, Haay Dtua, Kon Mai Hen, Kon Jam Mai Dai (Invisibility and Evasion of Enemies)

MA KHA MU KHU = Kong Grapan Chadtri Kong Ton Dtor Sastrawut (Invincibility against Weaponry)

MA MU KHA KHU = Maha Amnaj (commanding power and influence)

MU MA KHA KHU = Maha Choke, Maha Lap (receive Lucky Fortunes, Winnings and Gifts without Effort)

MU KHA KHU MA = Yord Niyom (Great preference - for making Prayer Water for spraying your wares/place of work/business to get Good Sales in Business)

MU KHU MA KHA = Serm Duang Rasi (Improve Karma and Line of Fate, Good Horoscope)

MU MA KHU KHA = Maha Pokasap Maha Sombadt (Great Wealth, Treasures, and Prosperous Living)

KHU KHA MA MU = Maha Jang Ngang (Stun Spell - grab a girls hand and she wont cry out)

KHU MU KHA MA = Maha Sanaeh (Man or Woman sees you, and becomes Obsessed)

KHU MA KHA MU = Hen Yoo Midai (He or She sees you once, Misses and thinks of You all the Time)

KHU MU MA KHA = Metta Mahaniyom (Enter to approach a Superior/Boss, and even if they were angry, the anger will fade and Mercy will Prevail)

KHA KHU MU MA = Sakod Sadtw Pis Raay (Command over Poisonous Beasts, Ghosts and Evil Spirits such as Cobras and Giant Centipedes, who will not approach if you use this Kata)

KHA MU KHU MA = Gaew Som Hwang Wised (Wish Fulfilment Crystal Spell - Make a Wish)

KHA MA MU KHU = Chana Kwaam (Win all Conquests and Outcomes, be it a Courtroom or Parliament, you should come out winning your case)

KHA KHU MA MU = Atithaan Bpaag (Word Spell - Things will happen in the fashion that we declare using words - say the words first then chant the Kata, or if you prefer, chant the Kata, then say the words, then chant the Kata once more, whilst thinking of what the words meant).

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