Hwaen Pra Pirod Fiery Warrior Ring of Protection and Power (Large) Stuffed with Sacred Powder + Takrut 3.0 Cm - Luang Por Supoj

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An extremely rare and lucky occasion brings us the pleasure of seeing this first ever edition of Hwaen Pra Pirod Fiery Rings of Protection from Luang Por Supoj, of Wat Sri Song Tam.

The rings are made from Sacred Yantra Cloth, Sinjana Corpse Cords, Long Rak Pid Tong (lacquer coating with gold embellishment). These rings are special in the sense that Luang Por has empowered them further by attaching Sacred Muan Sarn into the rear of the head of the ring, and inserted a Takrut spell within it. This is the 3 Cm extra large version, which will only fit on very large fingers, and is more recommendable for wearing on a neckchain, or in the pocket, or can be encased in waterproof casing.

Above; The inner side of the head of the ring shows a Takrut spell embedded into the Muan Sarn.

The Pra Pirod Ring Amulet is a Wicha of Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Evasive Protection is effective as a protective spell against all forms of black magic, sorcery, evil eye, demons and physical dangers, which derive from weapons of war, sharp and blunt instruments. Klaew Klaad Evasive Magic is also inflected to prevent any deadly accidents or disasters from befalling the wearer.

Klaew Klaad Evasive Magic is also inflected to prevent any deadly accidents or disasters from befalling the wearer. The ring offers Protection against Black Magic, and all forms of Sorcery, Curses, Evil Eye, Demons. Protection and Evasion from all Physical Dangers, all sharp and projectile weapons, and especially death by fire and burning.

The Wicha Tam Hwaen Pra Pirod, is a very ancient form of Magical Sorcery, from very long before the Siamese Kingdom existed. It was used by Warriors in ancient times throughout the Southeast Asian continent, and particularly later, during the times of war between the Kingdoms of the Khmer and Siam. This magic spell is also made as an arm-band, called a ‘Prajiad’, which was, and is indeed still in ceremonial form, worn by Muay Thai boxers, and was worn into battle by warriors of olden days.

The ring is 3 Cm in diameter and very large, and is recommended for wear as a pendant or in the pocket

Both the Prajiad, and the Hwatn Pra Pirod, use the same form of magic spell which consists of entwinement and binding spells, with Maha Ud, Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Powers. The material used for the making of these magical rings of protection is Sinjana Cords and Yantra Cloth.

The ring is too large to fit on most fingers, and should be worn around the neck on the pendant chain, or can be carried in the pocket, for concealment. It can be encased in waterproof casing, or, be just placed inside the pocket. Wearing the amulet concealed inside one’s pocket, is very popular with many members of the military, due to the fact, that these days, one is not allowed to wear a ring whilst in service, or in battle.

Very few Guru Masters who still possess this particular magic spell in these days, and knows its methods of making. It can almost be said to have nearly died out in its entirety, as a form of magic spell, and for this reason, this edition is not only a Merit Maker to help fund the further existence and development of Wat Sri Song Tam, but also is a Meritorious act of preservation, of one of the many Ancient Wicha which are slowly becoming lost and/or forgotten by people in Modern Times.

This Wicha as old as that all of Sak Yant sacred geometry tattoos, which also dates centuries back into the far-flung history of South East Asian occultism. To see this kind of amulet, is these days in any case extremely rare. For this reason, as well as for it’s immense ancient sacred powers the Amulets, is also highly collectible and then extremely interesting item to possess as an exhibit, in one’s personal showcase.

Kata Pra Pirod - Incantations for putting on, and removal of the Magic Warrior Ring of Protection and Power 'Hwaen Pra Pirod' often also commonly known as 'Hwaen Dtakror'. This Incantation is also used for invoking and putting to sleep of the spell within the Sak Yant Tattoo 'Yant Pirod', and 'Yant Look Dtakror'.

Kata Waen Pirod
Om Pra Pirod Khord Pra Pinai
(Chant 9 Times when placing the ring on or hanging it on your neckchain for wearing)
Om Pra Pinai Klaay Pra Pirod

(Chant 9 times when removing the ring, or taking of your neckchain or pendant holder)

Luang Por Supot - Wat Sri Song Tam

Ordained since 1964 - Luang Por Supot, of Wat Sri Song Tam is a Gaeji Ajarn of the Modern Era who is recieving a massive following of Devotees who revere his amulets. His amulets are becoming very prized and treasured. His choice of remaining Faithful to the Classic Amulets of Thai Buddhist Tradition and work in preserving the Buddha Sasana is worthy of Respect and reverence, and the Power of his Amulets is becoming ever more apparent, as word spreads about the successful experiences of the Looksit.

he is known for his adherence to 'Takrut Tam Eng' meaning that he makes his own Takrut and Inscribes them hismelf, with no assistance from Devotees or Apprentices, and maintains this practice to this day, refusing to release Takrut he has not made entirely by his own hand.

Luang Por Supoj was born in 2488 BE, and wes Ordained into the Sangha in 2508 BE at Wat Prode Gaes, where he also learned Wicha and Buddha Dhamma with his Upachaya, Luang Por Chaem. He also learned more Magickal Wicha with Luang Phu In Taewada of Wat Bang Gabua, and the Great Luang Phu Rod of Wat Nong Grating.He also got to learn Wicha from the Great Luang Por Derm of Wat Nong Po.

Kata Hwaen Pirod Given by the Kroo Ruesi Pra Pirod - which are 4 Akghara Khom for Bucha;


There are 16 different ways to invoke the various powers witin the Hwaen Pirod for different purposes, which is performed by changing the sequence of four Khom Agkhara syllables into different sequences, resulting in differing effects.

MA MU KHU KHA - Klaew Klaad (Evasion of Dangers)

MA KHU MU KHA = Gambang, Haay Dtua, Kon Mai Hen, Kon Jam Mai Dai (Invisibility and Evasion of Enemies)

MA KHA MU KHU = Kong Grapan Chadtri Kong Ton Dtor Sastrawut (Invincibility against Weaponry)

MA MU KHA KHU = Maha Amnaj (commanding power and influence)

MU MA KHA KHU = Maha Choke, Maha Lap (receive Lucky Fortunes, Winnings and Gifts without Effort)

MU KHA KHU MA = Yord Niyom (Great preference - for making Prayer Water for spraying your wares/place of work/business to get Good Sales in Business)

MU KHU MA KHA = Serm Duang Rasi (Improve Karma and Line of Fate, Good Horoscope)

MU MA KHU KHA = Maha Pokasap Maha Sombadt (Great Wealth, Treasures, and Prosperous Living)

KHU KHA MA MU = Maha Jang Ngang (Stun Spell - grab a girls hand and she wont cry out)

KHU MU KHA MA = Maha Sanaeh (Man or Woman sees you, and becomes Obsessed)

KHU MA KHA MU = Hen Yoo Midai (He or She sees you once, Misses and thinks of You all the Time)

KHU MU MA KHA = Metta Mahaniyom (Enter to approach a Superior/Boss, and even if they were angry, the anger will fade and Mercy will Prevail)

KHA KHU MU MA = Sakod Sadtw Pis Raay (Command over Poisonous Beasts, Ghosts and Evil Spirits such as Cobras and Giant Centipedes, who will not approach if you use this Kata)

KHA MU KHU MA = Gaew Som Hwang Wised (Wish Fulfilment Crystal Spell - Make a Wish)

KHA MA MU KHU = Chana Kwaam (Win all Conquests and Outcomes, be it a Courtroom or Parliament, you should come out winning your case)

KHA KHU MA MU = Atithaan Bpaag (Word Spell - Things will happen in the fashion that we declare using words - say the words first then chant the Kata, or if you prefer, chant the Kata, then say the words, then chant the Kata once more, whilst thinking of what the words meant).

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