Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb of Great Blessings with Naga Head Handle (Small 6.2 cm) - Nuea Rakang Chup Tong (Sacred Bronze + Goldplating) - Luang Phu Maha Kam Daeng - Sadta Mongkol Edition 2555 BE

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The purpose of this first ever edition of sacred combs was made to raise funds to build the entrance gate to Wat Kampirawas temple in Ubon Rachatani. Additionally, these combs received the blessings and empowerment of the great Luang Phu Kambu of Wat Gut Chompoo.

The Hwee Maha Mongkol Yai (Hwee Laew Dee) is made by Luang Phu Maha Kamdaeng (92 years old). Smelted in various sacred and precious metals gathered for this purpose over many decades by Luang Phu Kamdaeng. The combs were made in various different metal, namely: Nuea Sadta Loha, Nuea Sadta Loha Phiw Dam, Nuea Sadta Loha Phiw Tong Rakang, pink gold, bronze Nork Chup Ngern Tong, and Nuea Ngern. In additon, a special two comb gammagarn collectors set was issued.

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb

It is notable that Luang Phu Maha Kam Daeng is not only an accomplished gaeji ajarn of the oldest generation of still living master monks, he is also a direct apprentice looksit of the great arahant Luang Phu Mun Puratto. Luang Phu Kam Daeng has learned, practiced and mastered a great number of wicha, mostly based in the 'Maha Waet' (the most ancient Kampir grimoire of Thai Buddha magic/sorcery), and the mastery of incantations, invocations and empowerment through the various muan sarn ingredients used in the ancient Lanna formulas. He is also a masterful student of theoretical Dhamma, who began studying since he was just a samanera novice in 2497 BE, with well over half a century of practice behind him.

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb by Luang Phu Kam Daeng

Luang Phu Kam Daeng has created sacred artifacts of a completely unseen-before and innovative fashion, that seems as fitting as if it had existed since the days of old. The sacred miracle comb Hwee Maha Mongkol Yai Hwee Laew Dee ('Comb of Great Blessings'; 'Comb Your Hair and Life Gets Better') is essentially a serm duang, maha pokasap, maha lap, klaew klaad, and metta mahaniyom type of Buddha magic.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The inner edge of the comb has a code stamp for authentification purposes.

The comb increases prosperity, luck, health and happiness, and eliminates causes of future mishaps. It also dissolves hate and induces metta, compassion, generosity, helpfulness and equanimity in the hearts of those around you. It contains auspicous blessings for lucky fortunes and protection from dangers and misfortunes.

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb with sacred kata embossed

The handle of the combs have a Naga serpent of Bhodala head as a sacred invoked protector and guardian of treasures. One side has the Khom kata 'Na Ma Pa Ta', and the other side has 'Put Ta Sang Mi'.

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb by Luang Phu Kam Daeng with sacred spells

Kata Bucha Paya Nak (Naga Deity)

Luang Phu Kam Daeng used chanuan muan sarn (metallic sacred ingredients) from sacred artifacts, yantra foils, inscribed and empowered blocks of precious metal, which he had collected from great masters throughout the years. He was thus able to make an array of different sacred metals for the casting of the combs, and to offer them to the devotees at differing prices for all budgets, and in differing metals and finishes for differing tastes. The comb is empowered to evolve your profession, promoting you ever upwards and bringing ever more auccess, as well as to increase treasures and wealth (maha lap and maha pokasap).

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb in Nuea Rakang Chup Tong

The comb has the sacred Buddhist kata 'A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa' embossed on the side, and 'Putta Sangmi' on the handle. This kata is compatible to use with the comb, as well as to chant to the Nagas. The other side has the kata 'Na Chaa Li Dti U Aa Ga Sa' embossed upon the side, and 'Na Ma Pa Ta' on the handle.

The comb can be used at work to improve you professional status. It can also be use at home, to bring peace and happiness. Use it to comb your hair before going out of the house anywhere, and only good things will be met with.

Putta Pisek Blessing Ceremony

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The empowerment was made with a number of famous gaeji ajarn master monks, most notable of all perhaps being the great Luang Phu Kambu of Wat Gut Chompoo, who performed the lighting and the extinguishing of the tian chai ('Victory Candle'). The ceremony was held in the uposadha shrine room of Wat Kampirawas, Ubon Rachatani, on the 18th of September 2555 BE (2012 CE).

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

This edition is a historic edition, for it being the first time ever that a comb has been the subject material used for applied Buddha magic/sorcery. It certainly won't be the last time, but of course all magical combs that may be made and empowered at a later date, especially by other masters, will be indeed welcomed, but will never take first place to the original.

Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb with original temple box

The sacred comb comes in the original case from the temple.

Serious collectors will appreciate these factors more than the devout seeker of blessings, who lay more importance upon the strengh of the magic than how much a speculable artifact will increase in historical and monetary value. Some people belong to both groups or avenues of interest. Whichever group you count yourself as belonging to, these sacred combs with exquisitely beautiful Naga serpent design handles and sacred Khmer Agkhara spells embossed, are sacred, historic, powerful, and extremely collectible. Whichever way you look at it, they are certain to be an auspicous, long lasting, rare acquisition.

Close up of Hwee Maha Mongkol Money Comb of Luang Phu Kam Daeng

See all amulets and documentation of this edition here: Sadta Mongkol 2555 BE First Edition Lucky Hair Combs - Luang Phu Maha Kam Daeng - Wat Kampirawas

Bucha Method

One should use Buddhist prayers to increase the power of the blessings emanating through the comb, and to clean the heart of obstacles and impurities. Any of the kata included below can be used, or all of them.

Always chant the Maha Namasakara three times before any kata for amulets or Buddhist prayer chanting. The Triple Refuge (refuge in Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) is also an auspicious and necessary prequel. After prayers are said, the Bot Phae Metta should be chanted and the heart should share merits and virtues with all beings with compassion present within the heart.

How to chant 'Namo Tassa' (Maha Namasakara) and the Triple Refuge

Bot Phae Metta – Dedication of Merit and Prayer for Metta

Kata for Metta and Maha Sanaeh (Love, Attraction and Preferential Treatment)

Kata Pra Putta Jao Haa Pra Ongk (Five Buddhas)

Pra Kata Chinabanchorn (Chinabanjara Kata)

Buddhist Morning Prayer Chanting

Buddhist Evening Prayer Chanting

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