In Koo Saep Som Montr Kamakun Maha Sanaeh - Love, Commerce and Mercy Charm for Ladies and Gay People - Luang Por Wichai Passaro - Free with Casing for any purchase over $120

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In Koo Saep Som (Entwined Devas enjoying each other) - Montr Kamakun Maha Sanaeh (Erotic and Romantic Aphrodisiac Spell) - A powerful alchemical metal miniature Loi Ongk Statuette for Love, Commerce, Mercy and Charm, from Luang Por Wichai Passaro

This In Koo metallic Loi Ongk statuette is Tiny in size, but power packed (and somehow feels rather heavy for its tiny size), the amulet is intended for Ladies and Gay Persons to use as a Relationship Binder, Love Charm, Business Sales helper, Mercy Charm, Professional and Social Climbing aid.

In Koo Thai Love Charm amulet small statuette for ladies and gays - free with orders over 120 dollars

Made from Ancient Artifact metals smelted into one block which was then inscribed with Khmer spells and re-smelted to cast the amulets with. Each Amulet has been invoked with the spirit of an In Koo / Yintong / Yab-Yum Deva to inhabit and is held bound together in a Love Spell with the magical and sacred Sinjana cords used to wrap the statuettes with Incantations.

The amulets were also boiled and charged in 'Nam Man Prai Sanaeh Ya Faed' one of the Khmer Necromantic Sorcery tradition's most powerful Prai Oils possible to fabricate in Necromantic Sorcery

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Despite the tiny size of the amulet, Luang Por has still managed to perform individual spell inscription scratched on the base of the amulets.

In Koo amulet for love, charm, mercy and commerce free with orders over 120 dollars

Free with free Casing too when you buy over 120$ worth of goods! This item carries a total value of 46$ including casing, giving you an extra incentive and an extra amulet for your money.

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the In Koo statuette is very small and suitable for ladies, or gay persons - this picture shows the amulet in a man's hand for size comparison

The Magical Properties and attributes of the In Koo;

  • Maha Laluay – powerful charm and attraction magic causes those nearby to applaud, admire and feel friendliness towards the wearer of the In Ko
  • Maha Sanaeh – powerful enchantment magic causes those who are targeted to fall helplessly in love with the wearer of the In Koo.
  • Kong Grapan – protective magic prevents ballistic weapons and sharp objects from piercing or penetrating the skin.
  • Gan Kun Sai – protects against black magic and evil spirits, defends against Hun Payont, magic spells and the like.
  • Metta Mahaniyom – Discussions, Debates and Business talks or Diplomacy matters will be discussed easily and you will be able to get your point across and be convincing.
  • Kata In Koo (Perm Sap/Increase Wealth)

    Om Raachaa Taewaa Swaahome Om Taewee Maama Jidt-Dtang Arahang Swaahome

    Kata for the In Koo of Kroo Ba Nandta

    Om Laluay Maha Laluay Nguay Ngong Jong Jai Rak Goo Hmuean Dang Chang Rak Ngaa Hmuean Pla Rak Nam Hmuean Khaw Orn Hai Hmuean Fai Orn Maw – then say; “Ai + Name of person you wish to charm(Ai for Man or Ee for a woman) – Rak Goo Yaa La Om Sitti Swaaha Swaahome Na Ma Pa Ta

    Chant the above Kata 3, 5, 7 or 9 times, and then blow on the In Koo amulet

    Kata for using with In Ma, In Koo, and In Rak

    Na Rampeung Mo Kid Terng Put Norn Midtem Dtaa Taa Rong Hai Turon Turay Ya Hai Ma Haa Goo Putto Laluay Tammo Laluay Sangko Laluay Jid-ti Nimid-ti Aehi Jidtang Biyang Ma Ma

Additional Info

If the In Koo is kept in the House, then all the family and people in the household will love each other and be happy together. If it is worn as a love charm or carried on ones person, then it will cause everyone the wearer meets to feel friendly and compassionate towards them, and even make others fall in love with the wearer if Bucha is made to the In Koo, and this request is asked for in exchange for Bucha.

The In Koo (also known in South East Asia as ‘Yin Tong’) is a symbiotic Deity in the form of a Man and a Woman embracing each other. It is a magical animist effigy which ancient people believed represents the first ever pair of Man and Woman (male and female) in the History of the World, and is a symbol of Love between a man and woman, or indeed between any two souls of the same or different sexes.

Popular with Ladies and Gay persons (both Male or female) as an attraction charm and Aphrodisiac for Kama Sutra Sex Magic to bind their Love affairs, also popular for lottery players, or those who are in the sales department of their professions. The ladies of the night also enjoy the magical attraction powers of the In Koo ad use it to attract and addict their clients into becoming regular visitors, and bringers of great gifts and treasures.

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