In Rak (In Koo/Yin Tong) Sarad Kania - Nuea Loha Aathan Chae Nam Man Taep Sariga Pak Dee - 2550 BE - LP Naen Kampiro

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LP Naen empowered these in the forest cemetery ruins using the Wicha of his Tutelage and Lineage of Ajarn Hmong, and then soaking the effigies in 'Nam Man Sariga Pak Dee' (Sweet Mouth sariga Bird Oil) to amplify the effects of Maha Saneh power.

The amulet is a wonderful mix of beautiful Artistic Design, and Power of Magical Wicha, fashioned in the form of a Man and Woman standing together in deep loving embrace. LP naen Mastered this Wicha under the Tutelage of the Great Khmer Master Ajarn Hmong.

The In Koo is pure Metta Maha Sanaeh, and is given even more subtle powers of attraction by being soaked in Sariga Oil, which is a sweet metta oil that attracts lovers, customers and admirers, helpers etc without them even noticing its subtle attraction.

Made for the beginning of the building of the Chedi Stupa in 2550 BE, along with a range of other amulets. LP Naen raised enough funds to build a 6 meter radius 19 meter high Chedi Stupa at the temple, proving his Meritorious Ability and worthiness to be regarded as a 'Gaeji Ajarn' (Master Guru Monk). A Good Monk with Great Merits, and a powerful Sorceror too. The building of the Chedi was to house some Saree Rika Dhatu Buddha Relics which Thailands Leading Monk, Somdej Prayan Sangworn Pra Sangkaracha agreed to allow the installation of within the Chedi. This also shows the importance and status which Luang Phu Naen has attained.

This edition was followed in 2551 BE with the "Maha Sethee Dtraimas 51' edition.

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