Kata Mai Kroo Maha Prohm Perd Loke - Luang Phu Nong Tammachoto

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Kata Mai Kroo Maha Prohm Perd Loke - LP Nong Tammachoto

Kata (magic wand) for luck protection and making spells

Kata (not to be confused with the word Kata which means Mantra/Spell chanting) means a kind of sword. But this ritual paraphernalia object is not really a Kata, it is a 'Mai Kroo' (Magic Wand) which is made in representation of a Kata sword of Brahma.

This Mai Kroo is used by Ruesi and Monks to cast spells or bestow blessings on devotees. This is usually done by using it as a magic wand to touch the head of the devotee whilst making the incantations (just as western magicians and wizards do), or to lay it on the amulets to be blessed, or place in prayer water etc (magic depends on the magic maker what uses he thinks of for his spells and how he uses the wand - an Adept knows many ways to use a Mai Kroo).

The head of the Mai Kroo Kata has the four faces of the God Brahma. The stem has engraved the name of Luang Phu Nong as well as a numbered code. This Mai Kroo was a limited edition of 1299 pieces and has a length of 11 centimeters long. It is reddened copper bronze alloy called Nuea Rattana Tong Gae Fa Badtr (Fa Badtr is the lid of the alms bowl used for alms round by Buddhist Monks).

Kata Bucha Pra Prohm

  • Om Bparamesana Namasagaaram Angkaaranissawarang Prahmaressayam Phubpassa Wis Sanu Waiyataanamotodtiluug Bpamtaramaa Yigyaanang Ya Waiyalaa Kamulam Sataa Nandtara Wimusadtinan Na Madtae Namadtera Ja Agaarang Dtathoewaaja Aedtaamaadtaarayadt Dtaman Dtaramaa Dadtanaa Ramalaa Ja Sarawa Bpadtidtam Sampopagallo Tiwatiyam Madtamya


  • โอมปะระเมสะนะมัสการัม องการะนิสสะวะ รัง พรหมเรสสะยัม ภูปัสสะวะวิษณุ ไวยะทานะโมโทติลูกปัมทะระมา ยิกยานัง ยะไวยะลา คะมุลัม สะทา นันตะระ วิมุสะตินัน นะมัตเต นะมัตเตร จะ อะการัง ตโถวาจะ เอตามาตาระยัต ตะมัน ตะรามา กัตถะนารัมลา จะสะระวะ ปะติตัม สัมโภพะกลโล ทิวะทิยัม มะตัมยะ

Kata Bucha Pra Prohm (short version)

  • Om Aham Bprahmaa Asmi
  • Thai -โอม อหัม ปรัหมา อัสมิ

He who makes Bucha and chants the Kata to Pra Prohm (Brahma) will experience success in their professions and be loved by all people(Metta Mahaniyom).

The hilt of the Mai Kroo has Payaa krut (Garuda Bird Man deity) emblazoned on the front face. Garuda is a Budhissatva in the form of a Sathw Himapant Deity who resides in the heavenly realms slightly higher than the Naga serpents. A legend says that Garuda fought with the Naga King and that Garuda is the only beling that the Naga fears, for Garuda was the only one able to withstrain the Naga. Garuda will protect both you and your home/family as well as give you power in your profession and chances of promotion. he is the chosen amulet of civil servants and Government agents in Thailand and is also the national Protector of the Country.

Kata Bucha Payaa Krut (Mantra for Poojah to Garuda)

  • Karubija Gidti Mandtang Ma A U Om Payaa Krut Ruj Ruj Laew Ruay
  • Na Dai Ngern Na Dai Tong Na Dai Sap Na Mettaa Na Jaroen
  • Na Man Kong Na Laang Aathan Atitaami


  • คะรุปิจะ กิติมันตัง มะอะอุ โอมพญาครุฑ รุจ รุจ แล้วรวย นะได้เงิน
  • นะได้ทอง นะได้ทรัพย์ นะเมตตา นะเจริญ นะมั่นคงนะล้างอาถรรพ์ อฐิฐามิ

Making Bucha and chanting the Kata to Payaa Krut will bring riches, gold, posessions, and Metta (Popularity and preference from others) as well as cleaning out any black magic or bad karmic influence, negative energies etc from your psyche and household.

Kata for Chanting to Bucha Pra Prohm (Brahma) >>>

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