Kata Mai Kroo Maha Prohm Perd Loke (Small version) - Luang Phu Nong Tammachoto

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This Mai Kroo is a 'Kata' (not to be confused with the word Kata which means Mantra/Spell chanting) means a kind of sword. But this ritual paraphernalia object is not really a Kata, it is a 'Mai Kroo' (Magic Wand) which is made in representation of a Kata sword of Brahma.
This Mai Kroo is 8 Centimeters long. This Mai Kroo is used by Ruesi and Monks to cast spells or bestow blessings on devotees. This is usually done by using it as a magic wand to touch the head of the devotee whilst making the incantations (just as western magicians and wizards do), or to lay it on the amulets to be blessed, or place in prayer water etc (magic depends on the magic maker what uses he thinks of for his spells and how he uses the wand - an Adept knows many ways to use a Mai Kroo).

The head of the Mai Kroo Kata has the four faces of the God Brahma. The stem has (Sacred Khom Agkhara (Khmer Sanskrit) letters engraved. This Mai Kroo was a limited edition of 999 pieces and has a length of 8 centimeters long. It is reddened copper bronze alloy called Nuea Rattana Tong Gae Fa Badtr (Fa Badtr is the lid of the alms bowl used for alms round by Buddhist Monks).Each one has a numbered code from 1 to 999 (limited edition).
He who makes Bucha and chants the Kata to Pra Prohm (Brahma) will experience success in their professions and be loved by all people(Metta Mahaniyom).

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