Khong Aathan Por Ngad (Pra Ngang) Maha Sanaeh Riak Jidt Riak Sap - Gems, 2 Takrut + Chin Aathan & Nam Man Prai - Necromantic Spellbound Hedonist Ghost - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Pra Ngang Gambling Ghost of Sexual Libido, embedded within a sorcerous sacred powder muan sarn substance. Empowered with Ploi Sek & Chin Aathan, and Takrut Hua Jai Panan (Gambler's Heart Mantra).

'Khong Aathan' means 'Sorcerous Substance', and refers to a combination of separately magical and powerful aggregates, bound together into a combined spell, that functions in combination to produce specific effects and results. Very similar to Hermetic Sorcery and Necromantic Magick, this ancient Khmer-Thai Sorcery with strong Buddhist influence is derived from thousand year old Wicha, and uses very Ancient Necromantic Formulas for its composition, and Muan sarn ingredients for the Sacred Powders, with High Necromantic Power.

A centralized Por Ngad amulet is bound into a rich mixture of Muan Sarn sacred prai cemetery earth powders along with other sacred mystery ingredients. A 'Chin Aathan' bone relic piece is inserted into the powder base, which is a piece of Necromantic Sorcery of the most powerful variety. A bottle with either Prai Luead (Prai Ghost Blood), or Nam Man Prai Tang Glom (serum extracted from a pregnant corpse), is inserted into the rear face along with Pokasap Gems and Takrut Maha Lap.

Por Ngad Maha Sanaeh Gambling Amulet

It is a matter of chance, if you will recieve an amulet with red or white serum in the phial inserted, for we cannot separate the batch.Please understand that both serums are equally rare and powerful, and does not affect or change the powers of the amulet.

Pra Ngang Maha Sanaeh AC Apichai

This amulet functions an excellent charm to bind the heart and call out to the person of your desires as well as furthering your attraction to the opposite sex. Both male and female can utilize the Maha Sanaeh of this charm to call on new or long lost lovers to become infatuated with the wearer.

Size; 4.5 x 3 Cm

'Ploi Sek' Maha Pokasap Genmstones (Ploi Sek), Takrut Maha Lap for wealthy lucky fortunes, and a piece of 'Chin Aathan' Necromantic bone, are inserted into the Prai Powder base of the amulet, and a Por Ngad (PraNgang) Image, is embedded within the powerful Muan Sarn.

A series number code for this extremely limited and authentic piece of Sorcery is also attached stamped onto a silver foil.

Por Ngang amulet

A Por Ngad (Pra Ngang with erection) Loi Ongk statuette is inserted into the sacred powder amulet.

The invocation of Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap, Maha Sanaeh, with the spirit of the Por Ngad as its aid, make this amulet an excellent charm for gamblers in need of luck, or anyone who wishes to come upon monetary fortunes, as well as those who wish to more easily negotiate business deals. Chant the Kata just once while keeping in mind your wish.

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