Khun Phaen Chin Aathan Kanad Jumbo (Extra large piece) - Hand Carved Khun Phaen Casting Spells (2 swords) with 2 Kumarn Tong, Vishnu Chakra, Magic Gemstone Bead, 7 Diamonds - Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri

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Chin Aathan Carving with Khun Phaen image, 2 Kumarn Tong, Enchanted bead and 7 tiny Diamond inserts, From Lanna Magical Master Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri. The Bone Carving has sacred powders attached to the rear side which are a composition of some of the finest Prai Powders which Ajarn Dtecharangsri had in his possession. Only a handful of Carvings were made, making these Masterpiece Items not only extremely powerful Authentic Prai Sorcery that is almost impossible to acquire in the Present Era, but also an extreme Limited edition of Spellmongery from Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri, that only a few people on the Planet will be the owner of.

Size; 5 Centimeters Radius

The front face features a hand drawn Yantra design of Pra Khun Phaen sitting with two swords over his shoulder, with his hands placed together indicating he is casting a spell ('Raay Montr'). The Kumarn Tong Golden Child of Khun Phaen is laying underneath him. Khun Phaen has two swords slung over his shoulder, showing he is out on a Mission to Win, Acquire and Bring Home with him. He is casting spells to enforce your success.

Two Silver Takrut with Heart mantras and Yantra Spells are inserted into the rear face, with the Invocations of Pra Khun Phaen and Kumarn Tong. An Enchanted Bead realic is inserted with Magical Incantations to empower the Carving with various abilities and to Magnify the effects. A 'Jakr Narai' (Chakra Diskus Weapon of Vishnu) is in the center of the rear face, which is crowned with a small Diamond in the center and several others around the Chakra.

This is one of the top amulets in the moment for Gamblers to increase and even enforce success. Its powers of Maha Sanaeh attraction and its immense psychic powers from the Prai Magic and Spirits within the amulet have the 'Phii Bork' (Ghost that tells) and 'Prai Grasip' (Ghost Whisperer) Sorceries. The Phii Bork can tell you of an imminent win or danger, and can also tell the Ghost who rules the Gambling table to throw hands in your favor. The Prai Grasip Sorcery forewarns of Dangers and Lucky Windfalls like no other.

Khun Phaen Sorcery brings Charm, Kong Grapan Protection, Super Attraction, and Business Increase. The Kumarn Tong add even more power to the Prai Spirit of the Chin Aathan, supporting and covering all aspects of Maha Sanaeh Magic. The Jakr Narai (Vishnu Diskus) turns all the elements and keeps the Magic flowing, as well as giving Maha Amnaj (Commanding Power). Chin Aathan and prai Powder/Oil are perhaps the two most powerful Substances in Thai Occult Magical practice (along with Lek Lai), therefore making this kind of amulet the surest bet for ensuring successful enterprises, and charming others with ease.

This amulet is powerful for the following purposes

  1. Maha Sanaeh - Love Charm (Both sexes and Gays of both sex)
  2. Kaa Khaay - Business improver, sales increase
  3. Metta Mahaniyom - Popularity, Attraction
  4. Siang Choke - Lottery and Gambling, Speculative Risk
  5. Gae Aathan - Protect against Black Magic

Chin Aathan

Chin Aathan, is a powerful and useful agent for both those who have been hit with black magic or have bad karma, and who dont seem to be able to get even the best amulets to do more than just a little improvement for them, due to 'Toraniyasarn';

Some things we carry over from our Karmic Rebirths, are very hard for the amulets to overwhelm, and magic influences from the past. Some people may have a certain must or aroma for example, that is not consciously noticeable, but that affects customers and social friends to the point where one can not find any popularity at all. In this case, the Chin Aathan is like snake serum, you counter one thing with a little of the same - 1+1 = 0 in this case.

Above; Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri - Wat San Magian Doi Saket (Chiang Mai)

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