Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Ongk Kroo Pim C Nuea Wan Plai Dam Roey Ploi 2 Takrut Ngern 2560 BE Luang Phu Sin Wat Laharn Yai

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Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Hlang Yant Grabork Khwai Dtamrab Luang Phu Tim, from Luang Phu Sin's 2560 BE Edition. This model is a Pim Song Pol Yai Ongk Kroo Pim C Ta Bronze Wanich (Code 'PU'), in Nuea Wan Plai Dam Pasom Pong Prai Kumarn, with two silver Takrut, and Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone fragments on rear face. Released in 2560 BE in the Prai Maha Sethee 89 Edition Limited Series, with a full pantheon of Pra Khun Phaen sacred amulets in various models.

These amulets are made from the finest Muan Sarn Sacred Ingredients, with finely honed design features, and the Yant Grabork Khwai Yantra on rear face, according to the Dtamra of the lineage Masters of the Kroo Ba Ajarn Luang Phu Tim Issarigo (Wat Laharn Rai)

This edition is a very special edition, to celebrate 89th Year of Life of Luang Phu Sin, and can be expected to become one of the more prominent editions of importance from this Great Monk, and have a very long lasting trajectory in the future. The edition met with such expectation and demand, that it depleted within the first month of release, and most models are now already very difficult to find anymore, for most have already found their owners.

Muan Sarn

To press the amulets, a large selection of sacred powders were used from Luang Phu sin's repository, and previous editions, and Pong Prai Kumarn of Luang Phu Tim, to continue the lineage Wicha through transmission of the Muan Sarn through adding broken up pieces of previous editions of Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn, from both Luang Phu Sin and Luang Phu Tim Issarigo.

Blessing Ceremony

This edition was blessed in solo empowerment in the Uposatha Shrineroom of Wat Laharn Yai, in Rayong. Luang Phu Sin meditated for an extended period and performed 'Pluk Sek' empowerment over the amulets in the Uposatha Shrineroom of Wat Laharn Yai, in an intensive solitary empowerment session

The series began with a Pim Tammada standard model in Nuea Wan Maha Mongkol Pasom Pong Prai Kumarn brown powders with Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone fragments. The Pim Tammada was also released in Nuea Khaw Pasom Pong Prai Kumarn white powders, and Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone fragments.

There were some models made in Pim Tammada in Nuea Gon Krok multicoloured powders, some with 'Bpam Sam' (also known as 'Hlang Baeb') double images superimposed on each other.

The next model up was the Ongk Kroo Pim D in Nuea Wan Sabu Luead red bloodsoap herbal powders with Pong Prai Kumarn, and Bronze Wanich Gilded surface on the front face, with 2 Takrut Tong Daeng inserted into the rear face along with some Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap gemstone Fragments.

Below, the Khom Agkhara Letter 'Pu' is embossed on the base of the amulet, along with the limited edition series code number

Next came the Pra Khun Phaen Prai Maha Sethee 89 Ongk Kroo Pim C Nuea Pong Plai Dam Takrut Ngern Koo, in Black Prai Powders, with Twin Silver Takrut and Gemstone Fragments.

Next up in line was the Ongk Kroo Pim B in Nuea Wan Dork Mai Tong with Bronze Wanich on front face, and two Gold Takrut and Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone Fragments in the rear face.

Next Up in line was the Ongk Kroo Pim A with Pure Gold Leaf pasted on front face, and Three Kings Takrut (Sam Kasat - 3 spells in bronze, silver and gold). There were also some special Ongk Kroo Pised Gammagarn amulets released with special Muan Sarn and special inserts, such as the Prok Joy Bai Makham Nakprok Buddha inserted into rear face.

Kata Pra Khun Phaen

Su Na Mo Lo Mo Lo Su Na Na Ma Pa Ta Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Maa Mi Hang

Kata Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kuman Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai)

1.Puttang Aaraatanaanang Tammang Aaraatanaanang Sangkang Aaraatanaanang

2. Na Maedtaa Ja Mahaa Raachaa Taewiraacha Budtra Dtraa Budtra Dtrii Sa ma Na Praahm Chiitaasaa Taasii grasadtrii Paab Raacha Idthii Naarii Sappa Aehi Much-Chi Sappang Sappa Grotang Winaasandti Bpiyo Taewa Manussaanang Bpiyo Prahmma Namudt-dtamo Bpiyo Naaka Subannaanang Bpinintriyang Namaa Mihang Wikring Karae

Full Length Kata for Pra Khun Phaen

Om Sitti Sri Sri Play Gaew Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Sasee Doo Ngaa Bpraduj Dang Gab Phaen Fa Hnaa Goo Ngam Dang Gab Khun Phaen Khaen Goo Ngaam Dang Pra Narai Gay Goo Dang Gab Pra Aatidt Rit Goo Ngam Dang Prajantr

Saw Nai Mueang Sawan Hen Hnaa Goo Yoo Mi Dai Saw Gae Mae Hmay Nai Loke Manus Yaeng Yutgan Hlong Rak Lae Fai Fan Chwong Ching Gan Mi Waern Way Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Dton Mai Gor Hai Ma Nguay Ngong Jong Dtam Ma Glai Mai Hang Hae Samakanae Neug Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Payaa Hongs Gor Hai Ma Hlwong Lerm Tham Koo Haa

Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Paya Pla Gor Hai Reeb Ma Hlong Lae Lerm Nam Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Kon Tammada Gor Hai Ma Hlong Lerm Tee Norn Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Look Gai Awn Gor Lerm Mae Wing Rae Dtam Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Chang Ngam Gor Jong Dtam Ma Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Sae Mae Ka Jong Ma Ha Goo Goo Ja Goo Rorng Riak Saw Hyai Hai Hlai Hlong

Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Dong Pong Prai Hai Chorp Jai Goo Goo Ja Ramleug Terng Foong Chon Tang Hlay Tee Mee Yoo Jong Yaa Hang Hern Jong Soo Hnaa Ha Mee Sanae Metta Dtalord Bpai Krai Hen Krai Rak Krai Tak Krai Chom Hai Mee Kon Niyom Dtam Goo Ma Om Na Ma Pa TaNa Ma Pa Ta Na Ma Pa Ta Arahang Putto Na Mo Put Taa Ya Puttang Sitti Tammang Sitti Sangkang Sitti Metta Sitti Sitti Sawaha

Luang Phu Sin of Wat Laharn Yai (Rayong), was along with Luang Por Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub (Deceased), and Luang Por Somkid of Wat Beung Tata (Rayong), one of the three major Looksit of Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai, and one of the three direct lineage masters who inherited the Magical Wicha from Luang Phu Tim. These three masters were given shares of the famous Pong Prai Kumarn powders, for extensive transmission of the Wicha, through both Magical training, and the use of the same original Muan Sarn Ingredients for the magical amulets and charms made in the lineage of the Masters of Luang Phu Tim Lineage. Now that Luang Por Sakorn has also passed on, Luang Phu Sin, remains as the top living Master of the Lineage.

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