Khun Phaen Prai Nang Rap 2556 BE Necromantic Love and Submission Charm Concentrated Prai Powders 3 Takrut Ajarn Surapat

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This amulet can be seen as a special occasion and chance to find an amulet for people who seek many Lovers, and who enjoys being pampered and catered for by her partner. The Wicha Nang Rap is the Mudra of a Submissive Maiden who says 'You don't have to get up and do anything, i will do it all for you', or 'I don't mind if you have another lover'. This aspect of the spell is also of course visible in the design factors of the front face of the amulet, which features the Nang Rap beneath Khun Phaen, who holds a pair of of Sariga birds. The Nang Rap is gladly holding out her hand receiving orders and chores and also taking the blame for everything.

Made from an undeniably and visibly extremely rich mixture of herbal Prai Powders and Holy Woods with the best and most secretly long guarded Khmer Maha Phuudt powders that Ajarn Surapat had been keeping in wait for the occasion. He waited for the right alignments to coincide, when he could make the amulets under the proper astrological and magical circumstances. The effort and patience involved in first finding and gathering the ultra rare and so secretly passed on Maha Phuudt powders, and then have to wait for years before the right Cosmic alignments are coming into fruition, and empower the spell with the Utmost power.

Pure Maha Sanaeh Metta Mahaniyom with Ba Cha Dta and Kama Sutra magic imbued within the Takrut spells of the rear face, which also has some very special, and since ancient times famously powerful pure Maha Phuudt powders. Khun Phaen, Mae Nang Rap, and Kama Sutra Ba Cha Dta Magic on top!

One could say that this is the number one amulet for the Dominant Pleasure Seeking Gay Person (Male or Female). The amulet actually also has Great Metta Mahaniyom effect in gerneral on all people, not only for Romantic or Erotic affairs, but also useful for professional business or commerce and social etiquette issues.

The 'Muan Sarn' (Sacred Powder mixture), is of the richest concentrate possible to make an amulet, for to mix more woods and dry pollens would not allow for the pressing of the amulet without breaking it, this is thus considerable as 'Prai Powder Concentrate'. The concentrated essence of Muan Sarn, especially with Prai Powder and Oil Substances, is call 'Hua Chuea' in Thai, inflecting the meaning of 'The Cream of the Crop'.

Kata For Attracting other Women

Om Maha Yoni Idthee <(if wish many lovers, add the words 'Tang Hlaay') Aehi Ma Ma Jong Ma Rak Guu Jong Ma Rap Chai Guu Tuk Yang Ehi Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Kata For Attracting other Men

Om Maha Yoni Idthee (if wish many lovers, add the words 'Tang Hlaay') Aehi Ma Ma Jong Ma Rak Guu Jong Ma Rap Chai Guu Tuk Yang Ehi Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

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