Khun Phaen Sanaeh Jet Naree Pan Hlak 'Ongk Kroo' (7 Enchanted Maidens embracing a pillar) + Pra Ngang Ta Daeng + 6 Takrut in Prai Oil - 'Ran Sa-Or Yer Niang' edition 2555 BE - Luang Por Khern

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Ongk kroo Masterpiece version of Luang Por Khern's 'Pra Khun Phaen Jet Naree Pan Hlak'. A Classic Wicha Ba Cha Dta type Khun Phaen with 7 Maidens attending. Made from the usual ultra fine, aromatic and powerful Maha Sanaeh Powder that Luang Por Khern is famous for, and soaked in a generous helping of Powerful 'Nam Man Nang Yaem' - a Prai Oil empowered with a very Subtle Maha Sanaeh Prai Deva. Empowered with the Wicha Maha Sanaeh Ran Sa-Or Yer Niang, which has become Luang Por Kherns Master Wicha, along with the Wicha Maha Sanaeh Nang Yaem.

Kata for Amulets using Wicha Ba Cha Dta

The rear face features 3 double Takrut Spells with the Hua Jai Khun Phaen, Hua Jai Hying, Hua Jai Chay and the Hua Jai Montra Sa-Or Yer-Niang. The centre of the rear face has a Pra Ngang Ta Daeng Effigy inserted with red Gemstone Eyes, for Powerful Sexual Attraction Power and Gambling Luck. This is definitely a Khun Phaen Charm amulet for those who like to Flirt and Gamble and tour the dark Hours. Using the Wicha Khun Phaen 7 Naree Pan Hlak along with the Pra Ngang Deva, and 5 Takrut for Maha Sanaeh, maha Lap and Pokasap, Gambling should become much more of a Cinch than it ever was, and enchanting the opposite sex should also come with ease.

This Khun Phaen is created and empowered according to the Khmer Wicha Sa-Or Yer-Niang, of which Luang Por Khern is the Current Holder of the Master Wicha.

Pure Maha Sanaeh for Sexual and Social Attraction and preferential treatment (mercy Charm and Love Charm), With great Business Improvement as a secondary effect. Gamblers use this amulet very successfully, and the amulet is fast becoming known for its success rate when used for this purpose.

This is the Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version soaked in Prai Oil - a Pra Ngang Ta Daeng Deva is embedded within the amulet.

How to Bucha Pra Ngang Deity

This is the first edition we have seen since 2554 BE, and is his 2555 BE 'Sa-Or Yer Niang Maha Sanaeh' edition, which is seen to compete on a Par with the amazingly powerful Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh amulets of Luang Phu In (Wat Nong Meg), who in fact is a related magical Accomplice in Sorcery, and is the reason why both of these Masters' Amulets are very similar in Power, and Muan Sarn Sacred content. The two often combine forces to empower each others amulets.

Size; 5.5 Cm High x 4 Cm Wide including case

Kata Bucha Khun Phaen Naree Jet Pan Hlak

Na Ongkaya Saran Cham Niarii Su na Yaa Ga Jeuya Ji Dta Na Gaama Ja Cham Cham Suha Ka Wa Ya Eng Ma Ma Ja Dti Ga Juu Sii Sii Ongka Jeuya Gaa Ma Ya Swaa Ha Dti Cham Dti

Men should chant 7 Times, and Women should Chant 5 Times. Every Monday Evening, be it woman or man, the Kata must Chanted before going to bed 3 times (in addition to the usual 5)

If using for Love Charm, One should Picture the face of the Person You wish to Fall In Love with You when you Chant the Kata.

Kata Bucha Pra Khun Phaen

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