Khun Phaen Sanaeh Paya Roi Mia (Enchanting Lord of a Hundred Wives) - Nuea Wan Dam Maha Sanaeh (Black Powders) 4 Takrut + White Cloth & Cord Binding spell + Prai Oil Resins- Ajarn Apichai Decha

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Pra Khun Phaen Lanna style Maha Sanaeh Wicha amulet with Kumarn Tong Invocation, made from the finest dark Maha Sanaeh and Prai Powders with karavasa cloth and cord blessings, Sacred resins and Prai Oils, and 4 Takrut spells, bound with white cord (Daay Khaaw Akom).

Ajarn Apichai likes to say "Tam Jring, Sek Jring - Mai Raeng Mai Khlang, Mai Dee Jring, Mai Dtawng Ao" - this means "I make for Real, i Empower for Real, if it is not Truly Good and Noticeably Powerful, You don't have to Take it". By this, he means that his amulets should be able to Notice the Power, and that if you don't notice it, then you should not have to continue trying his amulets. Of course, this displays his Confidence in the Power of his Amulets, which allows him the Luxury of Challenging with such a statement. We can test for ourselves anyway with his amulets, and see if his words are true.

Khun Phaen Montr Sanaeh paya Roi Mia has been empowered using the Northern Lanna Wicha, using a host of Incantations; 'Montr Khun Phaen Sagod Jidt' (Khun Phaen Hypnotizing the Mind of Others), and the 'Montr Khun Phaen Hwaek Man' (Khun Phaen Opening the Curtains).

The 'Montr Khun Phaen Glom Nang' (Khun Phaen Persuading a Lady), 'Montr Sanaeh Jao Nuea Horm Kon Hum' (The Perfumed Smelling Gentleman spell), Montr Sanaeh Paya Roi Mia (Enchantment Spell of a Hundred Wives), and the 'Montr Sanaeh Choke Dee' (Spell for Luck and Fortunes).

The Mind of a Prai Kumarn Deva was Invoked and Called Upon to Dwell within the Amulet and emit Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Energies through the already Empowered Muan Sarn (Sacred Powders) with the Pra Khun Phaen Spell instilled within it. To call a Prai Kumarn to Dwell within a Pra Khun Phaen amulet, is like asking a Child to live with its Father. Nothing could be more fitting than for the Kumarn Tong and Pra Khun Phaen to combine their Powers within a single amulet. Immensely useful for attracting the opposite sex, gambling, and those who like to live the night life, social scenes and flirt around.

Those in Service professions will do well in their sales quotas too with this type of Maha Sanaeh Metta Khun Phaen/Kumarn Tong amulet.

Kata Pluk Khun Phaen Paya Roi Mia

(Use Before Wearing)

Om Jidt Dta Praay Kumarn Jong Maa Aakajchaaya Aakajchaahi

Kata Adtithaan Khor Lap

(Use to make wishes and ask for Lucky Blessings, or to win the Hearts of Others)

Aehi Jidt-Dtang Jidt-Dta Pantang Pakinimae Jidt-Dtang Pantang Bpiyang Ma Ma

(hold the amulet between palms and in praying position between the eyebrows, chant three times and blow onto the amulet, making your wish).

How to bring the Kumarn Tong into House and how to Worship

Kata for dedicating Merit and Sending or Sharing Metta to and with Other Beings

Before Chanting Kata and Bucha offerings to Kumarn Tong, you should always chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo tassa) to Lord Buddha before any amulet chanting

How to Chant Namo Tassa and Refuge in the Triple Gem

Psalm to the triple Gem

Kata Bucha Kumarn Tong

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