Khun Phaen Taewada Hlong Hong Prai Payom 2558 BE - Free + Casing with Orders over 170$ - 1 Takrut Paetch Payatorn 4 Takrut Paya Ngu Pan Hlak + 4 Gems - Luang Phu In

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A very special version of Luang Phu In's famous classic Paetch Payatorn amulet, which has been repeated with great success each year since around 2552 BE. This edition was the last edition Luang Phu In ever made before his passing Luang Phu In's passing in 2558 BE, at the age of 90 years Old.

The passing of Luang Phu In, has caused an increased rate of depletion, and more rapid disappearance of his amulets, as his devotees rush to keep the remaining amulets, knowing there will be no more amulets, for the Master has passed on to the next world now. Yet another of the 5 great Masters of Maha Sanaeh Khmer has passed on, leaving us with his amulets and the memory of the Guru.

Paetch Payatorn

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The Paetch Payatorn Prai Payom is special and different from previous editions, for the facts that 1. the Paetch Payatorn is riding on a Rachasri Lion with a maiden, and 2. The rear face of the amulet has a Paetch Payatorn God embossed upon it, seated on a majestic throne. The Paetch Payatorn on rear face is surrounded by Sacred Na spells, for Maha Sanaeh and Metta Maha Niyom

The Paetch Payatorn on rear face is surrounded by Sacred Na for Maha Sanaeh and Metta Maha Niyom

The Rachasri Lion brings a special power of Maha Amnaj Commanding Dominion magic to flow in harmony with the immense Maha Sanaeh Seductive Attraction power of the Paetch Payatorn. The Metta Maha Niyom Mercy Charm emanates from the Brahma God on the rear face.

The Brahma God is flanked by 5 Takrut spells inserted, 1 Takrut Hua Jai Paetch Payatorn, and 4 Takrut Ngern Hua Jai Paya Pan Hlak

This amulet is yet another of Luang Phu In's famous Masterpieces, and a fine choice for avid Lovers, Gamblers, Businessmen, Marketeers and those seeking Partners in Love, and Improving Your Professional and Social life, Increasing Wealth and Success.

Luang Phu In's Paetch Payatorn Maha Sanaeh amulets are amongst the most successful Modern Era Amulets that we have encountered until now, judging by feedback from our customers. Those who are familiar with Luang Phu In's Paetch Payatorn amulets will need little explaining that these are of the most powerful, and excellent Maha Sanaeh amulets to be found anywhere, as well as one of the most beautiful creations.

We are delighted to be able to offer this new creation to the line of Khun Phaen Taewada and Paetch Payatorn amulets in our store, and as a FREE OFFER with Orders over 200$, for we believe these amulets to be a sure bet for Maha Sanaeh amulets. Released in 2558 BE in Luang Phu In's final Edition of amulets.

Paetch Payatorn Prai Payom Khee Rachasri Um Nang Luang Phu In

Free if you buy other items for 170$, then add this item, and go to checkout, and add the following coupon code into the coupon code area; PPPRAIPAYOM

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Pra Khun Phaen Paetch Payatorn Taewada Hlong Hong Luang Phu In

The front face features an image of Pra Khun Phaen seated upon the back of a Rachasri Himapant Lion, with a beautiful Apsara Maiden riding alongside him. He carries a sword of victory and is admiring the marketplace of the town on the back of the lion. The amulet is made from 108 Kinds of Puttakun, Herbal Maha Sanaeh powders.

The rear face has 4 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gems, 1 silver Paetch Payatorn Heart Mantra Takrut for Metta Maha Sanaeh (Attraction), 4 silver Hua Jai Paya Ngu Pan Hlak Takrut for Metta Mahaniyom (Business and Preference), Pokasap (treasured Possessions and Wealthy living) and Siang Choke (Gambling).

Blessed Beads and Gems are known as 'Ploi' in Thai, and Enchanted/Blessed ones are called 'Ploi Sek'. The Magical factors are that 'Ploi Sek' are tiny treasures which when empowered and embedded within amulets, cause your treasures to gather and never lessen (Pokasap).

An Image of the Pra Khun Phaen Paetch Payatorn is seated on a throne with Pra Khan sceptre sword in hand, embossed onto the Sacred Powder face of the rear side of the amulet. This brings Regal Supremacy in both Love Affairs and in Marketeering.

The Option of Waterproof Casing is available, and for those of you who make use of the coupon code offer, is also included in the price when taken as free offer with orders over 200$ - see below image for example of encased amulet.

Luang Phu In, was one of the 'Five Great Masters of Maha Sanaeh', Famed` for Their collaborative amulet editions, sand now with his own passing, means that 3 of the 5 Masters have passed on (LP Pan and LP Bpan) to the next World.

After the passing of Luang Por Pan and Bpan, a new Group of 7 of the greatest Maha Sanaeh Masters joined hands to continue the tradition of collaborative amulet making, and released an edition together. Luang Por In was one of the members of this group of Top Masters, and perhaps the most important member, for his Master Wicha of Paetch Payatorn.

Kata Bucha for amulets by LP In

Omang Omang Nga Aehi Bpiyang Ma Ma Maa Maa Chamaa Bpanja Wisu Maedtaa Chamaa Chamaa Mihang Saeto Payaa Ngang Gangja

This final Traimas 2558 BE Edition included a large range of different Maha Sanaeh type amulets, which along with all previous editions, are now becoming immensely rare, since the passing of this great master, one of the 5 top masters of Khmer Maha Sanaeh Sorcery has passed on with the ascended masters who have gone before him.

Kata Bucha Paetch Payatorn

Om Sivaling Naam Waa Pra Paetch Payatorn Kuay Ngaam Bpen Neung Grapong Ngaam Bpen Sorng Dtua Ngaam Bpen Saam Kwaam Ngaam Bpen See Kwaam Dee Bpen Haa Tan Jong Sadaeng Rittaa Nai Daan sanaeh Maedttamahaniyom Chay Hen Chay Hlong Hying Hen Rak Krai Sanaehaa Eeg Tang Choke Laap mang Mee Aehi Ma Maa Khamaa Mihang

Kata Bucha Pra Khun Phaen

If you are Buddhist, always Perform the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times before any other Chanting to Amulets;

We recommend using the Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang as a prelude to asking for wishes to be fufilled.

List of Kata Chants - Metta Maha Niyom/Maha Sanaeh

Kata Pluk Paetch Payatorn

Omang Omang Aehi Bpiyang Ma Ma Maa Maa Khamaa Bpanja Wisu Maedtaa Khamaa Maa Khamaa Mihang Saeto Payaa Ngang Gangja

Below is an interesting analysis of the Sacred Yant of the Wicha Paetch Payatorn from Thailand Amulets Proprietor, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

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