Kumaree Hoeng Prai Noi (female Kumarn Dtaay Hoeng) - Nuea Mai Aathan Gae (hand carved magical wood) - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom Baramee Por Gae 2554 BE

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Ajarn Kom has made a Kumaree (female Kumarn Tong) which is of the 'Dtaay Hoeng' variety (Prai Spirit with extreme Psychic Powers above normal Prai Spirits). The Kumaree is hand carved from rare Magical Wood, and bound with magic threads. A silver Yantra foil with a reanimation spell of the four elements, and metta increaser is bound into the rear face of the amulet.

The Kumaree is small in size and can be worn not only around the neck, but can also be worn in the top pocket, on a Key Chain or in your purse or cash till. Two Silver Takrut spells are attached to the flanks of the Kumaree.

Price includes waterproof case.

Size; 3.50 Cm high x 1.5 Cm wide (4 Cm x 2 Cm with casing)

Ajarn Kom is a Supanburi Master Famous for his Maha Sanaeh Metta amulets as well as Traditional method Sacred Powder Buddhist amulets. His 'Pra Ngang' and Gumarn Tong amulets have gained International respect for their power and great beauty and originality. His Mastery of Takrut spells is immense with a large array of different spells under his Mastery. Ajarn Kom was the Apprentice to Luang Por Put of Wat Klang Bang Pra (who was in turn apprentice to the Great LP Chaem of Wat Tan Gong. He was also apprenticed to LP Wongs, who was in turn apprenticed to Por Tan Klai Wajasit of Nakorn Sri Tammarach. In addition he has learned from Looksit of the Lineage of Luang Phu Tep Udorn.

Biography of Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom Baramee Por Gae (Supannburi).

Magical Properties; Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap

Lay Masters - Ajarn Karawas

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