Kumarn Taep Maha Mongkol 9 (Gammagarn, only 180 made) - Run Wai Kroo 54 - Nuea Nava Loha Tem Soot - Ajarn Prasut - Wat Nai Tao

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Wai Kroo 54 Edition Kumarn Taep from Ajarn Prasut. Made from Nuea Nava Loha Tem Soot (nine kinds of sacred metal - considered one of the best mixtures for charging magical power - being 'tem soot', it has a large quantity of silver in it).

Only 199 of the normal Nava Loha edition amulets were made. But this one is a special Gammagarn edition from the Gammagarn set, which only had 180 sets made. This example has the special code 'Na' on the base of the amulet on the front to show that it is one of the Gammagarn edition. It has extra ingredients of great magical power inside the statuette, which are superior to the ingredients of the normal variety.

A code number marking the amulet as a limited Gammagarn edition is embossed on the base of the rear side of the Kumarn

there is also a Nava Loha non-Gammagarn version without the code Na available at a cheaper price of 86$

How to Chant Kata and Bucha Gumarn Tong >>>

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