Kumarn Tong Maha Poodti Prai Jantr Pen - Prai Powder Kumarn in Nam Man Prai Oil - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

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Ajarn Wirataep, famous for his powerful necromantic charms draws from his masterful Saiyasart as taught by Luang Phu Tao of Wat Khao Grating (Lopburi). Ajarn Wirataep further tunes his 'Wicha' to be especially powerful in the area of Maha Sanaeh, out of his own Metta for his Looksit.

The Kumarn Tong of Great Prosperity and Wealth, is comprised of very powerful sorcerous Muan Sarn Aatan powders, specific to the wealth drawing charm of the Maha Poodti Prai. The necromantic Prai powders, and charcoals ash from funeral pyres is used as primary Saiyasart ingredient, and is then sieved together with the earth of 7 cemetaries and graveyards for further necromantic empowerment.

The earth from 7 prosperous farms, fields and gardens coupled with earth from 9 markets, Buddhist temples, harbours, 7 cities and temite mounds is mixed with Nam Man Prai spirit oils to form the body of the Kumarn Tong.

Kumarn Tong in Nam Man Prai Oil Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

The Kumarn spirit is bound within the body by magical red cord and the effigy sits soaked in thick high purity Nam Man Prai to increase the 'Hian' strength. The Kumarn and all the ingredients are placed inside a bottle which is the sealed with holy red cloth with scared Khom Angkara inscriptions and 'Na' Yant.

Kumarn Tong in Nam Man Prai Oil

Incantations where recited over the Kumarn Tong during 7 full moons and within the center of a cemetary. Spells were cast to call for the Kumarn spirits to enter and reside within the effigies, assuming the responsibilities of taking care of the possessors belongings, calling to riches, whispering of forthcoming dangers as well as popularity and general loving kindness.

Kumarn Tong in See Pheung Nam Man Prai Oil Ajarn Wirataep

Those who take care of the Kumarn should expect 'Chok Lap' success in fortune, 'Kaa Kaai' trade and protection from black magic.

Kumarn Tong

The Kata to Bucha the Kumarn should be initiated with 5 incense sticks (sandalwood particlar to Prai Spirits) and Kata Namo should be intoned within the heart 3 times before-hand. There are 3 Kata specific to this Kumarn Tong Maha Pooti Jantr Pen.

  1. 1. Jijeruni Jittang Jaeta Siggang Rupang Nippanang Tangnipputtang Ma Pa Ta NA Bpa Ya Wi Ta Tu Tikangwa Pa Ga Sa Ja Waato Saento Bpassaaso Hattayangsiwang Chiwang Uttaeti
  2. 2. Jijeruni Jittang Jaeta Siggang Rupang Nippanang Tangnipputtang Pa Ta Na Ma Taechotatu Tikangwa Ga Sa Ja Pa Wato Saeto Aegasanang Bparangyattawa Aakajahi
  3. 3. Ha Ta Yang Jittang Winyannalagkanang Yannamaamihang

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