Kumarn Tong Plai Maha Phuudt 1st Edition 2554 BE - Pure Prai Kumarn Powder Effigy with Corpse Cloth Yantra in Nam Man Prai Tang Glom - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

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Kumarn Tong Plai Maha Phuudt of Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit, is a very rare early Era first edition Prai Kumarn Tong amulet. Made from pure Pong Prai Maha Phuudt Necromantic Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, composted of the ground bones and funereal earths, ashes and oils from the crematorium sump (Nam Man Cherng Dtagon).

This Necromantic powder paste was then empowered with the further repeated invocations of the Hua Jai Pra Apitam ('Sang Wi Taa Bu Ga Ya Ba' The Heart of the Abhidhamma), to empower the Necromantic Spell with even more Psychic Power from the Other Side.

The Abhidhamma is also the Kata which Buddhist Monks Chant in Funeral Ceremonies for the Ghosts of the Deceased and for the Reaming Living relations to hear the Dhamma.

The Kumarn Tong are immersed and consecrated in Nam Man Prai Tang Glom, the Sacred Nam Man Prai Nang Plii (Tang Glom). This is the Necromantic Oil of the Hoeng Prai Ghost, and mother of the Kumarn Tong.

The Prai Kumarn and Hoeng Prai Spirits within the Muan Sarn Powders are able to bestow blessings, lucky windfalls, protect from dangers and black magic, and induce Maha Sanaeh power of attraction, they will do your bidding.

Binding Spells are invoked within the white corpse cloth bound with Sincana cords, and inscribed with Khom Agkhara, which is also immersed within the oil capsule with the Kumarn.

The Kumarn is immersed in Nam Man Maha Sanaeh Nang Plii (Tang Glom), in order to increase Metta Maha Sanaeh power and Charge up the Psychic Abilities of the Kumarn Prai Maha Phuudt.

The Invocation Summoning, Awakening and Turning of the Four Elements was performed to Reanimate Living Magic within the Static Form, according to the Ancient Grimoires and Magical Formulas of the Wicha.

Ajarn Wirataep is the Looksit of Luang Phu Tao of Wat Khao Grating (Lopburi). Luang Phu was responsible for training him in the use of Magic for riches, as well as the powerful methods of empowerment, such as the Kata Dern Taat (make the elements flow) and be inserted into objects.

He learned how to master many Wicha with Luang Phu Tao, including the practice of 'Lob Pong' (writing sacred spells and wiping the chalk off the board by writing more spells on top. The powder chalk which remains is then used for amulets).

Before that, he already practiced and studied Saiyasart (Thai magic) with Luang Phu, who was a Master of Prai oils and Maha Sanaeh magic.From his practice in the forest he learned to speak with the 'Jao tee' (local Devas) and get them to help him to lessen the sufferings of his Looksit with powerful amulets and blessings.

Before you enter the house with the Kuman for the first time, light 16 incense sticks outside and pray to Mae Toranee (Mother Earth), Jao Tee and Jao Tang (the various local Deities, Devas and spirits), and other sacred spirit presences in the household and family environment.

Let your mind send a communication to the Kumarn, and let him know that you are inviting him to come and stay with you. Now you should also give a name to the Kuman Tong, one which you can easily remember at best.

Kata for giving the Name to the Kuman (chant when giving him his name).

“Nāmānang Sama Sō Yudt Dta Thō Yudt Dta Tha” then continue with “In the Name of the Kroo Ba AjarnI name you (say the Name which you wish to give your Kuman Tong)....”

Say this 3 times, and the next day you need chant only one time. You must always remember the Kumarn's name, and must introduce him to all people in the house, and ask him to also protect and lend prosperity to them all.

Kata Riak Kuman (Kata to call the Kuman Tong)

Chant to the Triple Gem first;

‘Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa' (3 times)

Then Chant the following Kata One time;

Kumārō Waa Kumāree Wā Aehi Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Na Chā Lee Dti Na Ma Pa Ta Aakajcheuya Aakajchaahi Māni Mā Mā

Heart Mantras of Nippanasut

Sa A Ni So (call to come to you)

So Sa A Ni (awaken and empower to send on missions)

Ni So Sa A (use to ward away spirits and ghosts)

A Ni So Sa (use to make the Kuman stay in one place)

Read all the various Kata Chants for using with the Kumarn Tong

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