Kumarn Tong Run Sud Taay 27 Gote - 8 x 6 x 15 Cm Bucha Statue - Nuea Pong Prai Kumarn - 'Kumarn Tong Gao Gote' 3rd & Final Edition 2556 BE - Luang Por Goy.

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Large Size Bucha Statue version of Luang Por Goy's Highly Awaited and 3 Times Internationally Acclaimed Kumarn Gao Gote Amulets, this time, for the last time ever, and with 27 Ghodas as the Sacred Powders finally become Depleted. This Large size Bucha has 3 Kumarn Tong Gao Gote Loi Ongk Statuette Inserted into the Base. These Large size versions, of which this one is the standard, was accompanied by a special Golden Ongk Kroo version which was the flagship model.

These Large size Bucha Images have three Kumarn Tong statuettes inserted into the base of the standard large size Bucha, and Nine Kumarn inserted iinto the base of the Ongk kroo special large Bucha statue, which is the flagship of the range, and the sure collectors classic, with the fastest and highest speculative rise in chollateral value in relation to the passage of time.

The Ongk Kroo was covered in Gold Leaf to distinguish not only its richer mixture of Muan Sarn Powders, but also to make it easy to distinguish visually, and increase its Sacred Power with the Gold Leaf Bucha Blessings made upon its Surface.

The Powders of this third and final edition of amulets, are the most powerful for their third generation of Muan Sarn concentration; The method used to achieve this promising statement, was to take Chanuan Muan Sarn (sacred powders and other ingredients) and old amulets from the first and second editions of Kumarn Tong Gao Gote amulets, and mix them with the remaining Bone Powders of the Nine Spirits of the Gao Gote amulets once again for a third time. Wat Beung Gao is the new name for Wat Khao Din Dtai temple. This edition of Kumarn Tong amulets are thus empowered with the power of two different Wicha/Ranges of amulets, and spanning thus two generations within one amulet.

This Kumarn Gao Got Kumarn Gao Gote metallic Loi Ongk Statuette inserted into the base. This statuette was made from Sacred Metals resulting from the smelting together of first and second edition Kumarn Gao Gote amulets and Muan Sarn. In addition, the third edition metallic Loi Ongk statuettes were also smelted in to the Alchemical Alloy, to make it not singly, not doubly, but triple strength.

This is the Final Edition ever of Luang Por Goys now 3 Time World Famous 'Kumarn Gao Gote' Amulets, using the Sacred Prai Powders and Ashes of Nine Kumarn and Kumaree. This edition is even more highly awaited and fast in depletion than the previous Editions, due to the fact that it is the last ever edition which will be made using this Muan Sarn Sacred Powder, which is now completely depleted and no more available for further amulets to be made.

Luang Por Goy's Powerful Sacred Powder is Visibly that which we have come to recognize as the Kumarn Gao Gote Muan Sarn, and Recongnizable as that used in the previous editions. This is truly a sign of constancy and true Wicha to see the Muan Sarn of the amulets emerge with such similarity in consistency, aroma and texture, that the composition is rigidly adherent to the strict Magical Formulas of Ancient Khmer Necromantic Sorcery.

Luang Por Goy empowered his Jhanic Forces into the amulets using his best Metta mahaniyom, maha Sanaeh and Maha Piswaas Magic to give the final Edge to the amulets and lend them the extra power to assert their Magic over any obstacles. Useful Sorcery for everything from Charming your Mate in Life, to gambling, recieving Mercy from Superiors or in Legal Affairs, stop backstabbers by converting their Hate into Compassion, Enchant others with Coonvincing Charming Speech, and to Increase Popularity and Promote Professional and Social Status with the Mercy Charm within the amulets as an aid to smooth out the wrinkles in one's Life.

The amulets were made in small portable, medium, large, and large golden Bucha size for use when out and about, or for use as a Bucha statue at home.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Above; Third Edition Pics

The first amd second editions of Kumarn Gao Gote had such success with devotees that the first is now not only many times more the price than its original price, but is also in any case almost impossible to get hold of one, for they are all jealously guarded by their owners, who do not wish to resell them, due to their tried and tested effectiveness. The second edition has now become a source of fanatical collectorship since the issue of the third and final editionThe Wicha Kumarn Gao Gote got the attention of Thai Devotees many years ago as Luang Por Chern of Wat Ta Ee made some Kumarn Gao Gote, and the Looksit recived many successful results. This caused this particular Wicha to become immensely popular as a good bet for successful results.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

This edition included various sizes of Kumarn Gao Gote in Sacred Powders, and one metal Loi Ongk version of the Kumarn Gao Gote, ia in 2 Takrut the Khun Phaen Taw Paya Pan Mor Ongk Kroo 16 Takrut versions, and 2 kinds of Sariga Celestial Magpie Amulets, one in Green Maha Sanaeh Powders with 2 Takrut, and one in Special Sariga Prai Powders with 16 Takrut.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Kata for Metta and Maha Sanaeh (Love, Attraction and Preferential treatment)

Luang Por Goy is a very Humble and Simple living Master who is an Adept at the Ancient Khmer Occult Arts. He was a very close friend of Luang Por Chern (Wat Ta Ee). As Luang Por Chern was still alive, Luang Por Goy would often help him to make and empower his amulets and assist in performing the Incantations.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Muan Sarn;

Nine Gote (Gosa = Pot for keeping cremation bones in, and Godha = 10 Millions of gold) with bones from 9 different children who have died in various circumstances (all circumstances fulfilling the necessary prerequisites to be 'Prai' spirits) were used to make sacred powders. This is the proper Khmer Formula for this Wicha. The first pot contained the bones of 'Nong Fon', of Gumwabee who died by drowning. The second pot contained the bones of 'Nong Boy' of Ban Pher, who was killed by a Motor Vehicle crashing into him. The third pot contained the bones of 'Nong Fai' also of Ban Pher, who died of a Lung Infection. The fourth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Hying', of Ban Pher, who died of Valvular Heart Disease. The fifth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Khing', of Hnong Haan town, who died of Malaria (Dengui Fever). The sixth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Maew' of Paen village, who died of Dysentery. The seventh pot contained bones from 'Nong Ham Noi', who died of Pneumonia. The eighth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Supa', of Paen village, who died of German Measles. The ninth and final pot contained the bones of 'Nong Marie' of Paen village, who died of Epilepsy.

Below; first edition Blessing Ceremony 2552 BE

All of these Prai Muan Sarn ingredients used in the first edition were donated to Luang Por Goy by the Lay Master Ajarn Gam Chai, who must be thanked along with the Spirits of the Nine Kumarn who have made merit renouncing their Mortal remains for the benefit of helping those who are still living, with Metta Magic.

Muan Sarn Kumarn Gao Gote Wat Beung Gao

The Muan Sarn for the second edition released at Wat Beung Gao, was made from nine bone pots in the same fashion;

The first pot contained the bones of 'Nong Cha Dam Yen', of Ban Pher village, who comitted Suicide due to depression. The second pot contained the bones of 'Nong Ja', of Ban Pher village, who was run over by a motor car and Died. The third pot contained the bones of 'Nong Tree', of Ban Pher village, who Died from Ascites. The fourth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Fon', of Ban Pher village who Died by Drowning. The fifth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Koi', of Ban Hnong Haan village, who Died of Epilepsy. The sixth pot contained the bones of 'Nong May', of Hnong Haan village, who Died of a Lung Infection. The seventh pot contained the bones of 'Nong Tern', of Ban Hnong Haan village, who Died of Electrocution. The eighth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Gaem' of Paen village, who Died of Dengui Fever. The ninth pot contained the bones of 'Nong Pimdta' of Paen village, who Died of Asthma.

These Muan Sarn ingredients were also donated by the Lay master Ajarn Gam Chai, who wished to donate them fo Luang Por Goy in order to increase his own merits and to make merit for the spirits of the dead Kumarn in the pots, so that they can rise up to higher levels of the Celestial Realms in their next Incarnations.

The Third edition used Muan sarn from the first 2 editions, adding even more of the last bone powders of the Kumarn and Kumaree Gao Gote, to render this 3rd and final edition the most concentrated edition of all, with 27 Gote being the final number. The 3rd edition is distinguished by the gold leaf covering on the faces, and is considered the maximum Power of all 3 editions due to it being 9 x 9 x 9 from the 27 Ghodas of Prai Kumarn Bones. Small portable version has Chanuan Muan Sarn insert, Medium Bucha has 1 Kumarn Tong Gao gote insert, Large Bucha has 3 Kumarn Gao Gote inserts, and Ongk Kroo large Bucha has nine Kumarn Kao Kote inserts in the base.

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Kata Kuman Tong

Kata and how to worship Look Krok

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